Sled Drag March 31, 2015

My main effort was a bunch of sled dragging this session for about half an hour. That anti-rotation sled drag (ARSD) really seems to be doing something.

I did the ARSD, rows, facepulls, curls, tricep extensions and belt drags.

I’ve also been experimenting with doing a couple sets of reverse hypers, just for it’s purported restorative effect on the back. I only use a plate or two on the Rogue with the short strap my gym has.

Sled Drag March 31, 2015

Training Feb 6, 2014

I’m filing this from my improvised stand-up desk on my treadmill. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. It’s boring but it’s also conveniently located in my living room and it doesn’t bother my foot too much.

Tuesday’s Strength Training (speed/conditioning focused)

hang clean: 175x10x3 ~60s rest

de box squat to medium box + 35lb plate:up to 185 x 6 x 5 ~60s rest These were super fast on first and second set.

invert (hanging, bodyweight) row on smith machine, 5 hooks up (4 showing): bwx12,12,10 Set one was super fast. I always try to cut myself in half with the bar on these, do them explosively as possible. I used to tell my clients that they should pull their rib cage halfway through the bar so if the bar were a blade we’d have to take them to the emergency room.

I finished with a bunch of kettlebell work with a pair of 20s doing a complex with curls, rdl, row and front squat. The volume on these was terrible. Next time I’ll do these more diligently and get some more reps in.

I’ve been doing a bunch of mobility work every day, even coming in on off days just to do it. I’m trying everything I can find on Mobility WOD for hip mobility/acetabular impingement. Great site and Kelly Starrett is a saint.

Training Feb 6, 2014

No Weights Means No Real Training

Wednesday AM

Did an easy set of 12 pullups and a dismal mile and a half run.

Wednesday Afternoon

pulled the growler with two plates on the street for 10 minutes cumulatively. Jake got bored just walking along side so for the last round or two so while one of us pulled, one of us rested and one carried a 50 pound sandbag any way.

No Weights Means No Real Training

An Update!

Monday AM

ran a mile or something

Monday PM

military press: 115×10

conventional deadlift: 465×5,

speed safety bar box squat to above parallel: one plate per side against heavy bands 15×2 and real fast

conventional deadlift: 225x3x15

pullup: bw + 35 x 5,5,8.5

some random arm work including a pointless dropset

My back and abs were both fried from all those pathetically light reps.

Tuesday AM

ran two miles or something

Tuesday PM

military press: worked up to 175×5, 4

barbell curl: 95 x 5,5,10 I’ve decided I’m going to start doing these 5/3/1 style

close grip tricep pushup things to a box with feet suspended: 3 sets of 20

some other random arm work including a pointless drop set I don’t remember what exactly I did but it totalled about 100 reps

Wednesday AM

Did nothing because I’m a lazy POS

Wednesday PM

military press: 115 x 10

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box: worked up to 350×5, 310×5,8 That first set was real hard and a misload

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box, reverse heavy bands: 350×12?, added thin bumper and banged out a few more reps. I like the term “mechanical dropset” for these.

stiff leg to blocks: 115 x 3 x 15

neutral grip chins: bw + 25 x 10,10,9
random arm work including a drop set

Thursday AM

ran a couple miles

Thursday PM ( trained especially late)

bench press: worked up to 315×4

conor press (leg press chest press): two plates per side x 5 x 15 superset with

machine row: 100 x 5 x 10

california press on leg press: worked up to 35 per side plus double mini bands x 2 x 12

scoops press on leg press: 35 per side x 10?, empty sled x 15,5,5 rest-pause

lean away single arm dumbbell curl: 30×10, 35x2x10, 35×10,30×10?25×6? (drop sets) I really like this movement…

trap III raises: 8 pounds x 10

horizontal scap shrug-row: 75 x 10

trap III raise: bw x 15

One of my priorities on this wave is getting arms that look like I actually lift weights so I’m trying to add a total of 200-300 reps of arm work per week.

An Update!

End of Week Training Update

Friday AM

Ran 10.5mph for 60 seconds and walk 3.3mphfor 60 seconds for 10 minutes. I always finish on an upswing, increasing the incline and speed so I think I finished at 11+mph and 2.0 incline on the last one. Then I did 1-15 minutes of gentle elliptical, I don’t remember exactly.

Friday PM

bench press: worked up to 315×5 This is my worst showing of late on the bench but given the circumstances it’s fine.

conor press: two plates and a quarter per side x 3 x 15 superset with

weighted pullups: bw (~220) + 25 x 3 x 10

supinated pullup: bw x 10

random scoops press on leg press

back braced hanging abs on stall bars: bw x 30

Saturday AM

About two short lengths of Growler push with two hundreds

8 short lengths of Growler push with one hundred, 30 seconds of rest in between, firm

two short trips of rows with 145

one short trip of reverse flies with 45

one short length each way of one arm reverse curls, alternate sides per trip

Basically a ton of random sled work and finished with one set of 30 hanging ab thingies. – NO ab cramps of late.

End of Week Training Update

Finally A Pretty Deese Run

Felt okay this morning hydration-wise and got 3 miles in 24:00 flat on the treadmill, 0.5% incline as always. My right ham was a little tender and my hip is still doing whatever it’s doing but I did a good job of rolling out and made my friend Sarah help me stretch and I feel pretty good.

I broke this one up into four minutes at 7.8mph and one minute at 6.3mph which is an uncomfortably slow jog.

Finally A Pretty Deese Run

Midweek Training Update

Monday PM

Worked up to 505×5 and 405 x 12 conventional deadlift.

weighted pullup: worked up to bw + 75 pounds x 3 x 3 then bw + 25 pounds x 10

3 full trips down and back pushing the sled at a sprint with 100 pounds

random extra work

hanging braced knee raises, bw x 30

Tuesday AM

ran 5 minutes at 7.7mph or something/walked one minute at 3.3mph and 0.5% incline on the treadmill for 21 minutes or so then I stopped and pussed out because I felt like shit. I covered maybe 2.5-2.8 miles.

Tuesday Afternoon

pulled the sled walking forward with a hip belt and 100 pounds for 12 minutes

Tuesday PM

worked up to 185 x 3,3,3.5 military press

pretty sure I didn’t do any extra curls or dips or anything, just sled work

braced hanging abs, bw x 30

Wednesday AM

ran one mile in 7 minutes flat on the treadmill at 0.5% incline

Wednesday Afternoon

This was actually only 45 minutes or so after the run and I drink one of those little kids cafeteria sized half pint cartons of skim milk.

Walked for 10 minutes straight, forward with a hip belt using 70 pounds. I usually do this in rounds, but today I was doing it so gently I just kept going.

Wednesday PM

worked up to 385 x 5,5,7 straight bar squat to a high box, about three fingers above parallel. My hip has been bugging me so I went just a little higher, wore a super loose pair of groove briefs, slathered myself in horse oil and taped my hip.

dragged the sled forward with a hip belt, did 5 lengths of the basketball court with 300 pounds

Upper body sled work:

  • two lengths of rows with 145
  • two lengths of presses with 145?
  • one length of curls with 100
  • one length of extensions with 100
  • two lengths of face pull with 100
  • one length each way of lateral raises with 25
  • 50 reps each direction of neck work with 25
  • carioca a bunch of lengths with 25 to try to get my hip to cooperate

and… one set of braced hanging knee raises, 35 reps


Midweek Training Update