My deadlift is less heinous!

Military press: worked up to 155 x 1,1,3

Hang snatch: worked up to 145×1,1,2

hang clean: worked up to 205 x 1,1,1

Deadlift: worked up to 405×3 with a loaner belt from the gym

Deadlift: 225×10,10

Weighted pullup: bw plus 30 x 5×5

Smith machine scoops press: 185x2x15

Incline dumbbell presses: 50’sx20

Ghr: bwx12

My deadlift is less heinous!

Never train squat and bench together

Due to my work schedule I had to double up on squat and bench this week. I feel terrible today.

Bench: worked up to 245×3,3,7

hang snatch: did a few singles with 145. I’m still awful at these and that little 10 pounds made a big difference.

Hang clean: worked up to 195×1,1,3 This is the first time ever my clean felt better than my snatch. I NEVER get multiple reps on my last set either so I’m not sure where these came from.

Straight bar box squat to just above parallel: worked up to 295×3,3,8

Front squat to just above parallel:145 x 3 x 10
Incline bench: 145×10,10,9

Pull up: bw x 10, 10
Chin up: bw x 8,1,1 rest pause

Ghr: bw x 2 x 10

Never train squat and bench together

Military press and deadlift


Had to work out with the shitty mismatched weights in the barracks.

Military: work up to 145×3,3,5

Scoops press, 3×10


Hang snatch, work up to 140×1,1,3

Hang clean, 200×1,1,1

Conventional deadlift, work up to 395×3 with belt, 225x3x10

Incline press 135x3x10

Weighted pull up bw plus 30×5,5,7

Curl, 95×5,5 and 100×8

Dips, bwx2x15

Random hs machine low rows, 2×12

Random front and side plank complex

Military press and deadlift

Benching on base

Worked up to 135x3x1 hang snatch and 195x3x1 hang clean

Worked up to 225 x 5,5,8 This was a vast improvement over the last time I benched. I think it’s just a fact of improved food intake.

Random hammer strength chest machine, plate and ten per side x10,10,9

Weighted pullup, bw plus 15×10,6

2×15 face pullup

3×10 reverse curl with 60

Benching on base