Pressing Shenannigans!

crazy bell bench: 135×5 with 35 pound db’s, 135×5 with 55 pound db’s

conventional bench: 225×2, 245×2, 275×5, 315×2, 300×3 Oh, these sucked soo bad. I’m hoping I rebound hardcore for this meet…

reverse band bench with light bands: 225×5, 275×5, 295×5, 315×5, 365x4x1

one arm hammer preacher: 45x8ish I did a couple sets with each hand

ez bar curl: 145x3x3, 145×2

axle curl: 90×10, 100×8, 90×10 superset with

close grip bench: full range x 10, two board x 8, three  board x 8

eccentric dip: 39 seconds

eccentric close grip chin: 40 seconds

In the AM I did two rounds of:

pulldowns 14×10, 13×10

high box squat: 275×10,10

pushups: bwx10,10

trap bar deadlift: 335×10,10

Pressing Shenannigans!


More like grey-out. I can’t really afford an adequate amount of food lately, so I’ve basically been running on empty. On the bright side, no trouble making 242. However, after my first warmup on the hang snatch, I thought I was going to black out. I leaned against a wall for probably 30 seconds. I wound up having to get some pretzels out of the vending machine so I could finish the training session.

conventional deadlift: 405×1, 405×5, 455×5, 475×4, 405x5x1 I did some singles at the end just to work on technique.

pullup: BW(242 and change) x 7×6 I think I got 42 total reps.

crazy bell bench: 135×5, 155×5, 185×5 with 60 pounds of bells This was really easy.

GHR: back inclined 28″ – no reps, too hard, back inclined 24 inches – bwx2x5

face pull: 9×15

neck harness: 70×8 reps, neck flexion 30#x30 steamboats

prestretcher crunch: 75# db x 2×10 These were heavy…

In the morning I did two rounds of:

log press: 140×10

walking lunge with dumbbell: 35’sx5 per side

pushupx10 Supposed to be dips, but they’re too hard on my elbows and junk

bent-over rows: 135×10

Go me! Conor, King of Konditioning!

Hottie Report: Girls Intramural Basketball! Nice!


A Back Off or Just Shitty?

Squatting today was not working. I think it’s the combination of training last night, training this morning and attempting to squat tonight and not eating enough to support it.

In the morning I did 2/3’s of Meltdown Day 2

pulldown 14×10

high box 225×10

pushup bwx10

trap bar 315×10

All superseted in one big set, I did this twice. It made me feel profoundly shitty. I figured trying to relax and listening to some binaural meditation tones would help me recover in time for squatting. I was wrong.

free squat: worked up to 405 for a single

reverse band box squat: worked up to 415 for one and then got stapled hardcore by 465. My elbows/bis were/are killing me. I iced them and now I feel alright, but it was strange how it came on all of a sudden. I swear, I felt fine until we actually started doing stuff.

leg press: 16 platesx6

random abs

Then I left. Now I’m going to eat supper and try to recover. I’m going to blame Eric Talmant for this workout for indirectly encouraging me to explore restoration modalities.

A Back Off or Just Shitty?

Hella Bench Volume

Seems like we sure got a lot of volume tonight. Looking back, I think I’ve made my best bench gains after a lot of bench volume/frequency, but not from bench accessory work. Stuff like extensions, pressdowns and dumbbell work doesn’t do much for me. So, instead of doing that, I did a bunch of bench/bench variety work.

medium grip bench: 135×3, 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 275×3, 295×3, 315×2

reverse band bench, light bands: 225×3, 275×3, 325×3, 365×1, 365×2, 315x5x3

one-arm hammer preacher: 40×8, two sets with left arm

knuckle pushups, feet on 12″ box: bwx12, bwx10

ez bar curl: 125×3, 135×3, 135×2

axle bench: 80x2x10

eccentric only dip: 40 seconds

eccentric only close grip chin: 35 seconds I’m not sure this is right, but it’s close. I know I didn’t go as long as I did on the dip.

YTWL: 8×8, 5×8

We did some extra stretching and what-not at the end, because we were both very pumped. I know I haven’t had a pump in my arms like that for a long time. Now I just wish my hands and fingers would stop shaking so I can type.

Hella Bench Volume

Am I That Out of Shape?

I don’t think so. I think it’s a combination of no food and getting a lot done. At least I hope…

snatch: 135×3, 155×2 I used a hook grip for both of these. You wouln’t think that makes a difference, but it does. i did a few overhead squats too, and I really feel more solid using a regular grip. Maybe that will come in time.

rack pull from knee height: 405×3, 495×3, 545×3, 585×3, 635×1 I really didn’t feel strong today. I’ve done over 700 for a couple reps and that 635 was pretty much all I had today.

shrug: 405x3x8, 405×5, 405×8 w/rack pull on each rep

speed box with doubled light bands: 225x5x2 I didn’t actually count the sets, we just went at it for a while. Kyle brought out the nose torque and we had a blast.

chins: bwx5x5,4,2 I wanted to make sure I got 30 reps. I actually felt pretty strong on pullups. I bet my weight is down.

GHR, back inclined 20″:bwx3,10 I wanted to do a third set, but by time I got around to it I was ready to puke, so I didn’t. That’s a PR, last week I only got 8 reps, so that’s progress. I like doing them with this incline because it forces you to drive your toes and flex you’re glutes/calves to finish.

crazy bell w/6″ grip: 2×5, 1×8 I used the bar with a 6″ diameter piece of pvc over it to grip and a 35 pound dbell on each end rigged up crazy bell style.

knuckle pushup, feet on bench: 3×10

face pull: 8x2x15 I didn’t do these particularly strictly.

prestretcher crunch: 1×12 with a 65# dumbbell, These were heavy. I think this contributed to why I felt so bad. Ab work can have that effect, but that’s why I have such hawt abz.

Am I That Out of Shape?

Rep Bench Training and Personal Reflection

This was a pretty decent rep bench day. We skipped jerks and moved right into the bench. My elbows felt pretty good today too.I warmed up with two sets of crazy bell bench and felt super strong.Then I moved up to:

bench press: 225×3, 245×2, 275×2, 315×3.5, 275×7, 245×10, 225×12 I was kind of dissapointed, I thought I was going to be able to get 315 for 4 or 6 reps, but it was just over reaching today.

military: 135×8? I did as many reps as I could do strict, then moved to push press and did a couple more. I want to try these on some day when I don’t bench first so I can see how strong I really am.

random band pushup baloney

one arm hammer preacher: 25x2x10

ez bar curl: 75×4, 125x5x4

axle curl: 70x3x10

close grip chin: one eccentric that I held as long as I could

I feel like I did something else, but I just can’t think of it.

Anyway, something just occurred to me. Will I ever be strong enough? Is that how it works, that one day you meet some magic number and do it right? How do you know you had a good workout, is it the weight you hit? I don’t think so. I think it’s about putting out an honest effort, giving it a fair go. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted to accomplish, was to find out what I would accomplish by giving it an honest effort. That would be accomplishment and victory to me, to be able to look back and know that I didn’t stop, I didn’t half-ass and I didn’t give up. I didn’t blow it for myself.

If I can do that, workout to workout and year to year, I’ll be happy and the extrinsic achievements will come on their own. I think this is true in the gym, on the platform and in real life.

Rep Bench Training and Personal Reflection