This week in training

Again, I’ve still been training, I’ve just been very demotivated when it comes to actually writing it all out.

Monday I pulled 500×4, 435×11 and 315×20 Then I did three sets of 5 pullups with 50 pounds on my belt. That morning I did a little over a mile of HIIT style run/jogging and 30 minutes of steady state on the elliptical.

Tuesday morning I did some HIIT on the elliptical, then worked up to 200×4 on the military press, 95 x 3 x 12 on the oly bar curl and bw +50 x 3 x 10 on the dip.

Tuesday night I went to hapkido practice and then did 30 minutes of gentle cardio on the elliptical before bed.

This morning I dida couple miles on the treadmill in a pathetic elapsed time and tonight I worked up to 385 x 3, 3, 9 on the parallel box squat, which is a PR.

For rep work I did safety bar with a ton of reverse band tension. We set it up a little different and I shall refer to it as the Scoops setup. Basically you just rig up the bands in our Crepinsek rack so you’re getting pulled forward a little by the bands.I did 310 for 12 reps and then banged out 9 more with 260 as a drop set. I have a video that shows a little bit of the setup but gives you a good idea of how upright this and tight it forced me to be. I’ll post it when I figure out how.



This week in training