Bloat-Assisted Pulling

It has to be the weekend weight gain, but who knows. My pulling felt a lot stronger this week.

conventional deadlift: worked up to 455 x 3 x 5 My warmups actually felt good and my back was okay but these just took a lot out of my and I dawdled for a long time in between sets. I’ve been so lazy lately about volume and I was so out of shape today that just getting all three work sets in was a big accomplishment.

weighted pullup: worked up to bw + 60 x 2 x 5 These were real weak. My hand/grip strength is deplorable right now.

axle curl: axle + 10’s + 5’s x 2 x 6

GHR, front incline on lowest box: bw x 6

Stuff I skipped: any useful amount of accessory work on the stuff I did do, pull aparts, high rep prestretcher crunches and front plank.

Bloat-Assisted Pulling

Labor Day Weekend Training Updates

Since I’m such a popular, interesting guy I have plenty of free time to update my training log this weekend.

Wednesday AM

I don’t remember exactly what I did but involved using the elliptical for a pretty hard steady state session. It was short, 20-30 minutes but I don’t remember exactly which now.

Wednesday PM

free squat up to 425×1

safety bar box squat: 170 x 3 x 15

bodyweight pistols, 15 per side

Thursday AM

ran an interval on the treadmill, 9.2mph for 75 seconds, 3.3mph for 45 seconds. Did 8 rounds.

Thursday PM

ran 2 miles outdoors in 15:40

Friday PM

bench press, worked up to 340×1

incline dumbbells: 80 x 13,14

bodyweight adjusted pullups: bw + 5 x 10×10 I actually did 11 reps on the last set. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten all ten sets of ten. The idea here is that if I lose weight I add a little back in to make up the difference and keep the load approximately the same. I suppose if I gained weight I would just try to keep the reps the same.

scoops press (seated partial military done from top down to head height): worked up to 135×19, 25

incline hammer curl with ascending iso’s: 25 x 2 x 10 What I do here is do a rep, then halfway down at about the forearms parallel to the deck I pause for one count. Then I do the second rep and pause for 2 counts, and on the third repĀ  pause for three counts, and so on up as high as I could go. I’ll probably increase this buy a few reps/counts and then increase the weight and start over.

band resisted prestretcher crunches: light band x 2 x 10 These were super hard. After the first set I was gassed and the amount of slack I left in the band on the second set was pathetic.

enhanced front plank: bw x 60 seconds I call these “enhanced” because you just reach out farther than a normal plank. So instead of setting my elbows directly underneath my shoulder joints I reach up and try to put my elbows as far away as my fists are in “normal” plank position.

Labor Day Weekend Training Updates

More Cardio and Shoulders


treadmill interval – ran 9.2mph for 60 seconds, 3.3mph for 60 seconds for 8 rounds

Tuesday – PM

military press, work up to 185 x 1 and it sucked

HS preacher machine: 45xsome, 70 x some, 70 x 2 x 20 superset with:

dips, bw +belt and 2.5 x some, 25,25 This is the first time I actually got both sets of 25 reps. Must be the beta-alanine.

shoulder machine: 85?x15

pec deck: 185 x 12

Wednesday – AM

elliptical worked up to level 16 and speed 6.5-7.0mph for 15 minutes. Heart rate monitor didn’t really pick up.

More Cardio and Shoulders