Tons of Irrelevant Upper Body Work!

Friday PM:

bench press: worked up to 335 x 1,1,2

EDT PR Zone 1 – 15 minutes of bodyweight pullups/bodyweight dips – 50 reps total

EDT PR Zone 2 – 10 minutes of 185# close grip bench/2 plates machine row – 45 reps total

alternating hammer curl: 40 x 10(/side), 35 x 2 x 10

random reverse curl dropsets with those stupid fixed-weight barbell things

couple sets of pull-aparts, one with average bands, one with average plus mini band


Tons of Irrelevant Upper Body Work!

Way To Start The Week Off With Mediocrity!

Sunday: ran a terrible three miles outdoors

Monday AM: ran a terrible two miles outdoors

Monday PM:

conventional deadlift: worked up to 455×1 for a warmup as normal, and missed 505 so I pretty much felt worthless

pullups: worked up to bw + 55 x 1,1,4

barbell curl: worked up to 115 x 1,1,5

speed safety bar to above parallel against heavy bands: plate + quarter per side x 12 x 3 Kept the rest around a minute…

Then I left…

Way To Start The Week Off With Mediocrity!

Squatting I Can Feel Good About

I was going to add an exclamation point to the title, but I’m not actually that enthusiastic about it. I can feel just good about it, not great. Also, I had to get all my training done, in and out the door, in two hours tonight which is a rush for me. I know, everyone on the internet only train for an hour to optimize hormone levels but it is what it is.

bench press: worked up to 320 x 3 x 3 This setup felt weird but I got my required number of reps so I’m okay with it.

floor press: 135xsome, 185 x 3 x 12 I don’t really like floor press. It’s a weak movement for me, it doesn’t feel right and it seems to bother my wrists, especially with a fat bar. I used a regular Texas power bar for these tonight.

pullup: bw x 3 x 12 Kept these simple. I supersetted them in with my floor press and squat warmups.

close grip Conor press against double mini bands: quarter per side x 15 reps

safety bar squat to just above parallel box: worked up to 330×3,3,12 I think this was a PR with the safety bar. I don’t know if it’s because my waist is back up or what but since my hip has been healed up my squatting has felt much stronger.

Just a reminder:  I almost always warm up with an empty bar, if even for a few reps. It’s always better to be more cautious in your warmup if in doubt. This doesn’t mean you need to take a bazillion sets and reps, in fact I would advise the opposite. I would reccomend keeping the reps low and adding sets. In fact, I notice we often warm up with 1-3 reps so a warmup to 315 on the bench would typically look like this:

45×5, 95×3, 135×1, 185×1, 225×1, 275×1, 295×1, 315×5

This accomplishes several things. It maintains the same movement you want to use for your heavy weights, it doesn’t tire you out, it lets you feel heavier weights in a progressive fashion, and it gives you an opportunity to add in “speed work” if you make sure and do your warmups as explosively as possible.

My conditioning work after the break.

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Squatting I Can Feel Good About

No Weights Means No Real Training

Wednesday AM

Did an easy set of 12 pullups and a dismal mile and a half run.

Wednesday Afternoon

pulled the growler with two plates on the street for 10 minutes cumulatively. Jake got bored just walking along side so for the last round or two so while one of us pulled, one of us rested and one carried a 50 pound sandbag any way.

No Weights Means No Real Training

Weird Training Update

I’ve been out of the area, eating a terrible diet and not exercising. We have an odd training schedule so I had to do my military and deadlifting on the same night tonight.

military press: worked up to 185 x 3 x 3

conventional deadlift: worked up to 485 x 3

conventional deadlift for reps: 245x 3 x 15 I did these beltless and double overhand. I hate how hard these are and how pathetic I feel doing them.

I supersetted my rep deads with rep military press with 135 x 10,10 and had to gut out the third set rest-pause style with 5,3,2 reps.

Weird Training Update

An Update!

Monday AM

ran a mile or something

Monday PM

military press: 115×10

conventional deadlift: 465×5,

speed safety bar box squat to above parallel: one plate per side against heavy bands 15×2 and real fast

conventional deadlift: 225x3x15

pullup: bw + 35 x 5,5,8.5

some random arm work including a pointless dropset

My back and abs were both fried from all those pathetically light reps.

Tuesday AM

ran two miles or something

Tuesday PM

military press: worked up to 175×5, 4

barbell curl: 95 x 5,5,10 I’ve decided I’m going to start doing these 5/3/1 style

close grip tricep pushup things to a box with feet suspended: 3 sets of 20

some other random arm work including a pointless drop set I don’t remember what exactly I did but it totalled about 100 reps

Wednesday AM

Did nothing because I’m a lazy POS

Wednesday PM

military press: 115 x 10

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box: worked up to 350×5, 310×5,8 That first set was real hard and a misload

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box, reverse heavy bands: 350×12?, added thin bumper and banged out a few more reps. I like the term “mechanical dropset” for these.

stiff leg to blocks: 115 x 3 x 15

neutral grip chins: bw + 25 x 10,10,9
random arm work including a drop set

Thursday AM

ran a couple miles

Thursday PM ( trained especially late)

bench press: worked up to 315×4

conor press (leg press chest press): two plates per side x 5 x 15 superset with

machine row: 100 x 5 x 10

california press on leg press: worked up to 35 per side plus double mini bands x 2 x 12

scoops press on leg press: 35 per side x 10?, empty sled x 15,5,5 rest-pause

lean away single arm dumbbell curl: 30×10, 35x2x10, 35×10,30×10?25×6? (drop sets) I really like this movement…

trap III raises: 8 pounds x 10

horizontal scap shrug-row: 75 x 10

trap III raise: bw x 15

One of my priorities on this wave is getting arms that look like I actually lift weights so I’m trying to add a total of 200-300 reps of arm work per week.

An Update!