Rep Deadlift: Puke Factory for Fat Guys

I credit Phil and his rippling abness for this workout tonight.

conventional deadlift 225×5, 315×5, 415x4x5 These made me feel like I wanted to die. The rest of the time was spent jerking around. Kristen trained with us tonight, and she’s going to be a strong gal.

GHR levelx5, incline with 25#x2x5

misc curls and pulldowns

100 reps of bench with bar

front plank 105x45s

This performance may be a scathing indictment of whiskey drinking and banjo picking as a training technique, time will tell.

I feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing to get my lifts up, and I hated every second of it. Give me some max effort high box squatting with lots of rest any day of the week.

Rep Deadlift: Puke Factory for Fat Guys

Boards, Borgir, Burgers and Music to Move You

I got a new set of boards for board pressing, and a new Dimmu Borgir CD. Dimmu is some awesome shit, but it’s sort of just mood music. I don’t have any favorite songs yet. In no particular order, here are some good lifting songs:

  1. Deep Sea Creature – Mastodon
  2. Lets Start a Riot – Three 6 Mafia
  3. Refuse/Resist – Sepultura
  4. mOBSCENE – Marilyn Manson
  5. South Texas Death Ride – Union Underground
  6. Vote With a Bullet – Corrosion of Conformity
  7. Bitches – Mindless Self Indulgence
  8. Killing Fields – Slayer
  9. Cowboys From Hell – Pantera
  10. Jump The Fuck Up – Soulfy

“A funky groove to fuck to” So sayeth the D.
Coincidentally I saw this manorexic looking dude who should probably have nickname like “Slim” or “Scraggly Pete.” Dude needed a cheeseburger, seriously.

The gym is only open until 6pm during breaks and being an [ostensibly] employed person, that only gave me a little time to work out. Phil got in about 5:15 so we busted some tail and banged out some board presses, 4 for me, 3 for Phil.

4 board press 225×3, 275×3, 315×3, 325×1, 335×3, 345×2?, 365×1, 375×1

machine row 90×8, 125×5, 125×15 (AMAP)

I did a pretty good warm-up and did some hip stretches. All of this time off has not been good for my mobility or my conditioning.

Hottie Report: No hotties today, but they’re a definite possibility in the future. I seem to get a lot of hits when I mention adult entertainment actresses, so I’ll throw a shout-out to Melissa Midwest. Melissa: You are hot.

Boards, Borgir, Burgers and Music to Move You

I Didn’t Train, But It’s Not Like You’re So Great Either

I haven’t done any substantive training since… December 13. I did some lockouts out of chains on Dec 18, and worked up to a decent single. I haven’t done anything else though, except pet the cows, pet the pigs, pet the horse and drive about a million nails at home on the farm.

Incidentally, I built a pretty cool gizmo for board presses. I might post some pictures. I think it’s the prescription for my pitiful lockout strength.

I also ate a tremendous amount of graduation cake from my Grandma, which is also good for your strength. While cake is good (particularly Hostess) I think strength is also positively correlated with mayonnaise intake. Take that to the bank and buy some Hellmann’s stock. (Damn there are a lot of n’s in “mayonnaise” and “Hellmann’s”.)

I also think I might start an anarchist blog just to vent all the things that are in my head. However, I don’t want it to conflict with the popularity or pure spirit of my training blog.

Happy Kwanzaa .

I Didn’t Train, But It’s Not Like You’re So Great Either

Holla Back

I’ve got to get my back strong. I need to come up with some more low back movements and actually do them. I’m lacking the back strength to lead with my traps/head out of the hole in the squat and to pull properly.

Manta Ray (high bar for idiots) squat with medium stance 225x2x3, 245×3, 275×3, 285×3, 295×1, 305×2 These probably aren’t exact but they do reflect the top set I worked up to. I have a lot more strength, but as I alluded to above, I just don’t have the back to arch out of the hole, leaving me buckling over halfway up.

Seated Good Morning with cambered bar 135×6, 185x2x6

lat pulldown with big triangles 19x3x8

leg extension 6x3x20ish Man, is it weird to have a pump in the quads. You know what Arnold said…

GHR 10#x2, 25×4, 25×5, struggled on the sixth, I’m pretty pleased with these. From now on, no more GHR’s without weight

close grip bench 165×20 I found this laying around so I just banged out a set with it. Somebody was benching with that super long bar we have… it amazes me how most people have no clue about the bars they use. Yes, it matters.

Isometric back extension 45x40s This is an improvement over last week. As soon as I can hold it for a minute, I’m going to start adding weight. This is the same way I feel about running; as soon as you are able to complete the distance you want to run, you need to start running for speed, i.e. if you want to run 5k’s, as soon as you are capable of trudging that distance, cut it back to miles and run for speed.

I might have dicked around with something else here or there, but I don’t recall. I’m psyched that I’ve figured out my most glaring weakness (for now), but it’s frustrating to know how much work you have to do. I’ve read (Stephen Covey) that that’s the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful, the former just do what the latter won’t.

Hottie Report: One hottie, bearing a striking resemblance to Raven Riley.

Holla Back

Long Hard Road… To Yoked?

It was a long training session tonight. This is what happens when Phil and I both want to use the good bench press.

GHR 10#6, 4 I might start doubling up on these, on my upper body days and do them heavy at the beginning and light at the end, or vice versa

speed bench against bands 145x6x3 Three different grips, close, medium and wide against double mini bands. Phil gave me a press command on the last three sets and some good long pauses. During the warm up I hit a few reps with 225 and it felt like a total joke.

machine rows 115x5x10

incline press 135x?, 225x2x3

one arm dumbbell press 85x2x12 I did these on the shitty narrow bench and it was much, much harder. I almost fell over getting it into position.

GHR situps bwx3x8

concentration curl 40x3x8

reverse barbell curl 85x2x8

Quasimodo’s 275x3x15

lying external rotations 10# x 10

To gal that came in in the pink short shorts: I’ll be doing good mornings tomorrow and you’re free to work in with me.

I weighed myself tonight and given the error in my scale, I’d say I’m anywhere from 265 to 270ish. I’m always joking about eating my way out of the 275’s, but it might yet happen… I don’t feel sloppy though, I feel strong.

Long Hard Road… To Yoked?

Got a Pocket Full of Rubbers…

… and my homeboys do too.

I finally dug out my bands, and with my new and improved squat form went at it.

Parallel box squat 185x2x2, 235x8x2 with Iron Woody#3 bands Actually felt fast on most of these. I’d like to do some heavy work against bands, but I don’t really like setting up with bands in the stands, even though I used to do it all the time.

Leg Press 3 platesx10, 4 platesx10, 4 plates + 25 x10, 4 plates + 2 25’s x15 I actually felt a pump in my quads after that last set. Phil: “Conor knows no burn.”

GHR front elevated 8″ bwx10, front level 10#x2x4

barbell shrugs 225x2x15

Quasimodo’s 225×15 These are like an upper back good morning except with the bar in your hands. Next time I do these I’m going to do more sets, I just didn’t feel like doing a whole lot tonight.

Everyone wish me luck for my last final I took today.

Got a Pocket Full of Rubbers…

Extra Workout and Shitty Moods

Did a little extra workout today. Just dicked around with some GHR’s, hanging knees and improvised reverse hypers. I tried to get one of our female club members to commit to powerlifting with us in the Spring, we’ll see how that goes.

I also used my improvised safety squat bar (manta ray + cambered bar) and did some upper back good mornings and just walking around with bands and stuff.

I’m in a shitty mood that sitting around drinking sake in my Goodwill suit-coat doesn’t seem to be helping. I haven’t felt this morose in a long time, must be my lack of EFA’s. I’m out of fish oil capsules so I’ll try to get some tomorrow and hopefully snap out of this.

Extra Workout and Shitty Moods