Sunday Night Conditioning

Circuit Work – 35 seconds each, three rounds, 2 minutes between rounds

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Mt Climber
  3. toy soldier
  4. lunge
  5. bike
  6. squat
  7. pushup
  8. situp
  9. pistol
  10. YTWL
  11. flutter kick
  12. 135# trap bar pull

This wasn’t as hard as it should have been because I’m not giving 100% on each set. I’m going to stay at 35 seconds each for a while until I’m confident that I’m giving it all I’ve got on each one.

Sunday Night Conditioning

Inactive Recovery

I did absolutely no physical activity yesterday. The most challenging thing I did all day was get in and out of my car.

Today hasn’t been much better, but I guess I’m going to do something tonight in the gym. Probably a skills developement/structural circuit, but maybe more or less. We’ll see.

Inactive Recovery

Benching, Conditioning, Chocolate Milk

I got quite a bit training wise tonight. The only thing that seems to have suffered are the biceps, which I don’t give a shit about anyway.

Morning I did about 20 minutes on the bike at 135-140 bpm.

bench, pinkies on rings: 135×5, 185×5, 225×1, 275×1, 305×1, 315×1, 315×5 That’s a rep PR so I didn’t bother to do more sets. Also I’m very lazy.

invert row: bwx2x15

reverse curl: 95×8 I think this was a heavier bar so it was really 100 and explains why I couldn’t get my reps. 85×10,13

YTWL: 8’s x 6

prestretcher crunches: 70x3x10


100 8-ct bodybuilders for time

elapsed time was 20:16 which seems like I was flying.

Benching, Conditioning, Chocolate Milk

If I Look More Jacked, Here’s Why

I’ve written before about how there are two types of people in the gym; folks who need to be reined in a little bit and people who need to be prodded along. The latter need to be turned into the former if they ever want to make progress. Too many people never learn how go hard and really work.

I call this component “temperment” or “disposition” and for the record, while I think it has a significant genetic or developmental component, it’s definitely trainable.

Tonight I had one of those moments where I got it in my head to do something and proceeded to do it, despite hesitation and trepidation that I wouldn’t be able to succeed. For my conditioning I took a deck of cards and for every red did a set of flutter kicks and every black a set of pushups. If my maths are solid, that adds up to 380 pushups and 380 flutter kicks in 33 minutes.

Nearly 400 pushups seems like a lot. It’s one of those things that looking back I find it hard to believe I did. It makes a lot of other hard things seem possible. I know I can train myself to accomplish anything. Like Ronnie Coleman says “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.”

Anyway, this morning I did 30 minutes of cardio on the bike at about 130 bpm and some mobility work.

I don’t know if it was the earlier session or that I remember to stretch my hip flexors and internal rotators, but my hips felt great on the low box during warm-ups for my PM workout.

low box safety bar squat: 150×1, 200×1, 240×1, 290×1

parallel box safety bar squat: 340×1, 340×5 This set was hard and it tweaked my hammie a little, I wore a belt for these.

incline back extension: bwx3x10 with short holds on each rep superset with

leg press: 5 plates x 10, 6 plates x 10, 6 plates + quarter x 10

pullups: bwx14 This is an all-time rep PR on pullups, and at a bodyweight of 250ish no less.

preacher curl: 95×10

face pull: 8 x 15

I think that’s all I did, then I went and did the card thing. It took me a lot longer to train today than normal of late, but I did some actual accessory work instead of moving right on to conditioning after squatting.

Had a good shop-talk with one of the regulars and I might type up a mini article about it at some point.

Also, I stretched my tri’s and chest/shoulders real well after conditioning.

If I Look More Jacked, Here’s Why

Weekend Road Training and Monday Update

I trained this weekend at Wichita Falls Athletic Club and just did a ton of random stuff. Caught a few reps of hang snatch, did a ton of kettlebell snatches and swings, pullups and a little bit of speed work. I finished up with sled pulling outside. I did a trip down and back and added a plate each time until the sled was full, then I did the same thing pulling backwards, taking a plate off every time. It was hot and miserable and I drank a ton of sugar water.

Hot, my dear lady, it was insufferable.
Hot, my dear lady, it was insufferable.

Monday I did my normal pressing and attempted to pull.

military press: 175×5,5,6

weighted chinup: bw+35x4x5

conventional dead: 405×1, 455×1, 495×1,1 I was going to pull that last set for 5, but after one I knew my hamstring was done. I need to take it easy on it for a bit.


4 rounds of 95# hang snatch for 15 reps and 45# sumo deadlift high pull for 25 reps

Got it done in 12:22, which was pretty much all I had. I was completely wiped and in need of chow.

Weekend Road Training and Monday Update

Pulling, Conditioning, Slackassery

Yesterday I worked up to 185×1,1,3 on the military press.

I just messed around on the weighted pullup and did a few triples with 40 pounds on my weight belt and did a max single with a 60 pounder. That’s the equivalent of a 310ish pound man doing a pullup. Wowee!

Today I did a metcon/structural circuit of

  1. mt climber
  2. lunge
  3. air squat
  4. situp
  5. pushup
  6. high pull
  7. elbow touch
  8. swing
  9. flutter kick
  10. ytwli
  11. bike
  12. 1LRDL

35 seconds each, three rounds, with 75 seconds in between

Surprisingly, the only thing that bothered my hamstring was trying to get off the floor during one of the rounds of mountain climbers. The lunges, swings and high pulls were okay.

Pulling, Conditioning, Slackassery