Squatting, Hip, Foot and Boring Cardio

Training yesterday sucked. It was one of those days where all I can say is at least I was there and something is better than nothing.
military press: 45×3, 95×2, 135×1, 135×1, 155×1, 165×3,3,4 + 2 jerks 75 x 3 x 10
front squat: 45 x 2 x 2, 95 x2, 135 x1, 155 x 1, 185 x 1, loaded the bar for 205 but stopped. My hip was really bothering me and I’m not sure why. I’ve been psoasinating the crab out of it and foam rolling and doing all my mobility work. Kind of demoralizing, but it is what it is.
pullup: bw x 12
KB complex – 3 curls, 3 rdl’s, 3 bent rows, 3 squats and 3 overhead extensions for 3:30

This morning I walked on the treadmill for an hour before breakfast with my flak on.  The podiatrist had me switch from a minimalist shoe to a stability shoe so I took it easy trying to get used to my new Brooks Adrenaline.

I also reread the treatment chapters of The End Of Overeating.  Been really trying to work on my diet and comply with my coach’s plan. My priority is fixing my evening eating/bingeing.

Squatting, Hip, Foot and Boring Cardio

Training Feb 6, 2014

I’m filing this from my improvised stand-up desk on my treadmill. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. It’s boring but it’s also conveniently located in my living room and it doesn’t bother my foot too much.

Tuesday’s Strength Training (speed/conditioning focused)

hang clean: 175x10x3 ~60s rest

de box squat to medium box + 35lb plate:up to 185 x 6 x 5 ~60s rest These were super fast on first and second set.

invert (hanging, bodyweight) row on smith machine, 5 hooks up (4 showing): bwx12,12,10 Set one was super fast. I always try to cut myself in half with the bar on these, do them explosively as possible. I used to tell my clients that they should pull their rib cage halfway through the bar so if the bar were a blade we’d have to take them to the emergency room.

I finished with a bunch of kettlebell work with a pair of 20s doing a complex with curls, rdl, row and front squat. The volume on these was terrible. Next time I’ll do these more diligently and get some more reps in.

I’ve been doing a bunch of mobility work every day, even coming in on off days just to do it. I’m trying everything I can find on Mobility WOD for hip mobility/acetabular impingement. Great site and Kelly Starrett is a saint.

Training Feb 6, 2014

More Updates

Hello, all you little goombas in Attack-land. Training has been pretty uneventful. I was on an exercise working 14 on/21 off for a while and that threw my diet, training and recovery all out of whack.

On the plus side, I’ve been making a lot of progress in fixing my junky hip. As long as I make sure to traction it I can do some squatting without limping around afterwards. On the down side, I’m weak as a kitten. I’m up to using double black bands for the tractioning exercise. That’s a hell of a lot of tension pulling on my ol’ leg bone.

military press: 45×3, 95×3, 135×2, 155×5,5,5(+2 jerks) 75×15 I’m not sure what was up but all my militaries felt horrible. Either too narrow or too wide grip I think. It also killed my right hand, which is weird.

Front squat: 45×5, 95×3, 115×2, 135×1, 155×1, 185x 2 x 5

box squat: worked up to 135×10, 155×10, 165×10 on the medium box with no shims on top. I laddered my way up in weight and down in box height, being super cautious. I really hope this movement just feels weak because it is from not being able to train it for so long. I hope it’s not the case that something is still messed up and I haven’t rattled it loose.

double stack lat pulldown: workup to 50 per stack x 2 x 15 superset with 20 bodyweight squats to low bench

25 pushups and some more tractioning and stretching




More Updates