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Hello, all you little goombas in Attack-land. Training has been pretty uneventful. I was on an exercise working 14 on/21 off for a while and that threw my diet, training and recovery all out of whack.

On the plus side, I’ve been making a lot of progress in fixing my junky hip. As long as I make sure to traction it I can do some squatting without limping around afterwards. On the down side, I’m weak as a kitten. I’m up to using double black bands for the tractioning exercise. That’s a hell of a lot of tension pulling on my ol’ leg bone.

military press: 45×3, 95×3, 135×2, 155×5,5,5(+2 jerks) 75×15 I’m not sure what was up but all my militaries felt horrible. Either too narrow or too wide grip I think. It also killed my right hand, which is weird.

Front squat: 45×5, 95×3, 115×2, 135×1, 155×1, 185x 2 x 5

box squat: worked up to 135×10, 155×10, 165×10 on the medium box with no shims on top. I laddered my way up in weight and down in box height, being super cautious. I really hope this movement just feels weak because it is from not being able to train it for so long. I hope it’s not the case that something is still messed up and I haven’t rattled it loose.

double stack lat pulldown: workup to 50 per stack x 2 x 15 superset with 20 bodyweight squats to low bench

25 pushups and some more tractioning and stretching




More Updates


I made Kristen do Tabata front squats with me and she took it like a trooper.

I alternated front squats with 65 pounds and trap bar pulls with 135. It felt bad but not nearly as bad as 8 consecutive rounds of front squat. I got mad glute pump.

Today is a medium carb day. Here’s the diet pending any unforeseen changes:EDIT: I ate a piece of sprouted Ezekiel bread too, FYI.


Tabata Front Squatz

Tabata Front Squat

105 pounds, lowest rep score was 6, but this was because I was sweating so profusely the bar literally slipped out of my hands and I tried to recover but had to rerack it in the middle of an interval. Again, a ludicrous full body pump somehow emerged.

I have also been doing my morning cardios, which I hate.

Tabata Front Squatz

Tabata Time!

Tabata front squat: 75#, lowest score = 9 reps

These were very hard and made me feel very bad.

Conor: How was my form on those front squats?

Kyle: Yeah, you were rounding in the upper back a little bit, I was going to say something… but it’s only 75 pounds.

Typical Kyle.

On a related note, my joints felt pretty terrible after yesterday. I am going to drink so much whole milk before bed, to nourish my jackedness.

Tabata Time!

Tabata Front Squat

Yeah, I did it. It’s been a long time since I did these. mainly because they’re so hard. In the whole time I’v been keeping my log I don’t think I’ve done these. I vaguely remember doing this at some point and finishing with just a couple reps on the last interval. I did better this time.

65#s, 20 seconds AMAP and 10 seconds rest, lowest number of complete reps was 9 I got something like 15 on the first interval, so that’s good.

I felt completely wiped after these and ate a ton of food. I had to take a long cool shower just to stop sweating before work.

Tabata Front Squat

Good Pressing!

Maybe I’m just a narccissist, because my pressing and upper body development really seem to be moving along, while my squat is moving, but not as fast and we’ve yet to see about my deadlift.

Tuesday I was feeling too under the weather t do much of anything. I think I worked up to two or three singles with 415.

Today, I did ten singles with 305 in the bench and repped out the last one, getting 6 reps.

Then I worked up to a 405 4-board that should have been much easier than it was. Then:

log press: 185×6

1+1/2 rep bench press: 225×7,8 This is a normal rep plus a half rep for one rep. Confused? Good.

pullup: BW+15x2x6

front squat: 225xdump, 225×1, 275×1, 300×5 These were very, very ugly but I got them so I’m counting them.

snatch grip deadlift: 295×12

random face pull from an incline bench

Then I moved on to the Super Secret Curl Workout for Big Guns!

Good Pressing!