HIIT And A Little Run


Did a interval run on the treadmill, 14 minutes of minute on/minute off and worked up to 10.2 mph or so for the on.


ran my normal mile and a half route in 11:29 which is a PR on that course.

HIIT And A Little Run

Mid-week Doldrums

My weight was down as was my appetite (which is highly uncharacteristic) so I didn’t do any cardio or conditioning this morning. I did however eat Thai curry and a double order of rice for lunch and a DQ Blizzard for dessert.

I free squatted and worked up to 375 x 5 then safety bar for bar + 10’s + 2.5’s x 10 x 10. These felt real bad and were starting to irritate my back down by ms SI joint so I went and sipped the rest of my electrolyte/dextrose slop and did a very long foam rolling, stretching and mobility session at the other gym on my way home. Now I just feel awful.

Mid-week Doldrums

Military Press, More Conditioning and Less Conditioning

Tuesday Afternoon

military press: worked up to 190 x 5 and 190 x 4 I didn’t get my reps on that second set so I need to remember to stay at this weight for the next wave.

superset with hammer curl: 35’s x 8, 40’s x 2 x 8

HS machine curl: 65 x 20, 18

superset with dips: bw x 25, 22

shoulder machine: 50 or 60 x 40 reps

pec deck: 140ish x 15 for a couple sets

Tuesday PM

ran 1.5 miles in 11:50 This felt really good and much faster so I was shocked to see how slow I was pacing it. Just goes to show I haven’t put in enough miles to have a good feel for my speed/effort.

Military Press, More Conditioning and Less Conditioning

Updates From The Land of Sweltering Humidity

Thursday AM

20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical – level 16, 20 seconds on 40 off IIRC

Thursday PM

ran 1.5 miles in some time (maybe 12 something, felt real slow and beat up)


bench: worked up to 275 x 10

incline db press: 75 x 17

pullup: bw +30 laddered up to 8 reps

prestretcher slant board situps: bw x 32 reps


Even though I laid around literally all day and ate tons of junk food, I still went for a run when the sun went down and it got more bearable outside. I got it done in just under 30 minutes, 29:30. These is shitty but it’s better than the last time I ran this route and I didn’t have to stop so it’s still improvement.


completely off, just foam rolled and stretched

Monday AM

60 minutes of steady state on the elliptical level 16? bumped speed up to 4.5-5.0

Monday PM

conventional deadlift: worked up to 495 x 6 which is probably a PR at this bodyweight

weighted pullup: 55 x 5 x 5 done very strictly with a controlled 2ish second eccentric. I had some someone watch and count tempo on the eccentric on the last set and my last rep was a little sketch, which means I was probably right on for this week.

GHR, front elevated 6-8 inches: bw x 3 x 10 These felt good, stricter than the lower setting.

tons of pull aparts, did the wrapped knuckles/external rotator variety.

axle curl: axle + 10’s x 10 x 5

Tuesday AM

ran 1.5 miles in 11:49

Updates From The Land of Sweltering Humidity

Arm Cramps, Speediness, Squatting and Heat


AM – ran a mile and half interval style, in around 13:30, felt real heavy and slow

Afternoon – military press deload

military press worked up to 155 x 10, 8

superset with hammer curls, 40 x 5, 50 x 5, 60 x 5

dips: bw x 25, 21 superset with

hammer strength curl machine: 90 x 12, 10

shoulder machine thing

pec machine thing


ran the same mile and a half course and got it done in under 12:30. Felt surprisingly light and fast and motivated.

Wed AM

did very little cardio just to get warm and foam rolled and stretched. My weight was down quite a bit so I just didn’t bother to do any actual cardio.


warmed up my straight bar free squat to 315 then switched to the safety bar

safety bar parallel box squat: plate + 10 x 10 x 10

I ate a very spartan diet today and made up for it with a ridic meal of roast beef, augratin potatos, cottage cheese/dry curd cottage cheese, and pork and beans. With catsup. Lot’s of catsup.

Arm Cramps, Speediness, Squatting and Heat

Need To Start Updating Again

I need to start keeping on The Attack because it’s hard to keep everything in your head if it’s not being written down somewhere. Not that I have any illusions that anyone reads this or gives a shit.

Tonight I just did 60 minutes of steady state on the elliptical. Level 16, staying between 4 and 5 mph. The heartrate monitor was being wonky but I’m guessing I didn’t get above 160 bpm.

At some point last week I pulled 525 for a single or two and ran a 10:31 mile and a half.

Need To Start Updating Again