Squat Day 05/27/09

low box squat: 135×1, 225×1, 315×1

parallel box squat, loose groove briefs: 365×1, 405×1, 425×1, 455×1,1,3

safety bar carry: 240 (2 plates per side) by 6 trips down 100ish feet and back et: 13:09 These killed.

Later tonight I did the Deck of Cards thing but I used pullups, 4-ct pushups, 4-ct mountain climbers and situps. For the jokers I threw in 10 8-ct bodybuilders, which sucked. It took my 45 minutes to an hour to finish this bitch.

Squat Day 05/27/09

Making Up For Lost Conorditioning


15 reps of hang snatch with 95#

25 reps of sumo deadlift high pull with 45#

4 Round for time

ET – 20:08 I just edged out my last mark on these. That’s one good thing about being so out of shape; you get to experience a basement effect. Essentially, any training makes you better when you start out so low.

Making Up For Lost Conorditioning

Squat Day 05/20/09

random warmup stuff

box squat to low box (three-four fingers below parallel): 135×1, 225×1, 315×1

box squat to parallel box with loose groove briefs: 315×1, 365×1, 415×3, 425x2x3

After squatting I took my briefs off in the locker room and weighed, I was 248 pounds in clothes and shoes- Damn I’m hawt.

I didn’t do any accessory work today. I wanted to do evacuation/buddy carries but I didn’t have anyone heavy enough. Instead I did down and backs with the safety bar loaded to 210 ish. That’s a plate and a quarter on each side. According to Kyle’s measurements I got six trips done in 8ish minutes. That’s money. It really tore up my back and I’m gunning for three plates on this eventually.

52 Pick Up

Instead of flutter kicks, situps, mountain climbers and elbow touches we used bikes, situps, mountain climbers and elbow touches. Just before we finished I got mad hamstring cramps from the situps so I had to finish the last six cards with flutter kicks subbed for situps. I was glad I skipped GHR’s.

I know it seemed like this workout took forever, but when you figure it took me probably 20 minutes to get warmed up to squat and we were there for a little less than two hours, it becomes pretty reasonable.

Squat Day 05/20/09

GPP Circuit 05/19/09

I had a client tonight so I came in late and did a circuit for GPP. As a strength athlete I’m not sure at what point GPP becomes SPP. I guess for someone with non-specific (or “general fitness”) goals there is no difference between SPP and GPP. Anyway…

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Toy Soldiers
  3. Lunges
  4. Air Squats
  5. Pullup-reach-climb
  6. pushups
  7. situps
  8. inverted row
  9. flutter kick
  10. dumbbell swingbicycles (bikes)
  11. bicycles, bike
  12. One-leg Romanian Deadlift (1LRDL)

I’m not sure I wrote these in the same order I did them, but it’s pretty close. The only thing I would have liked to add is some kind of burpee or an 8-ct bodybuilder, but I’ve found that bothers my back a little bit because of the tail-under flexed posture I get at count 7. Whatever.

I did 30 seconds of each movement and moved [as] directly [as possible] to the next station.  This innovation was suggested by Kyle as something he did at Central College. I did the circuit three times.

A pullup-reach-climb sequence is something I thought up because pullups are just too hard right now. I can’t do 30 seconds of consecutive pullups so instead of half assing it I came up with something to fill the time and also seems pretty useful. Our squat rack has a pullup bar and a crossmember above it, so I do a pullup on the bar, then reach up to the crossmember with one hand, then the other, then do a full pullup. Then I transfer the hands back to the pullup bar one at a time and finish at a dead hang.

GPP Circuit 05/19/09

Sweet Conorditioning and Pulling

military press: 135×3, 155×3, 185×3, 195x2x3 I had to allow my form to break down a little into a push press on that one. I am probably going to have to us lighter weights for the next wave on the military press.

pullups: bw+25x4x5 I’m pretty happy with the pullup progression. I just need to make sure that my added weight is keeping pace with my weight loss. I didn’t bother to weigh today since I ate so much junk last night/this morning that I know my bodyweight was up. To add weight, instead of using my neck harness to hand weight around my neck or through my belt, I’ve just been tucking the skinny part of a dumbell into my weight belt, which I can do since it’s a double x.

conventional deadlift: 405×1, 405x3x3 (belt) My belt is fitting hella loose. I need to drill a new hole in it to accomodate my waifish waist and hawt abz.


hang snatch 95# x 15 reps

sumo deadlift high pull 45# x 25 reps

Four rounds for time

This is what I’ve decided to call this workout, since it’s a smorgasbord of pulls. Last time it took me nearly 28 minutes, today I got it done in 22:24, which is a 20% improvement. Go me! I could definitely tell I was working harder/faster. I was bumping right up to my lactate threshold. I kind of want to just blast through it and vomit so I can get it out of the way. I figure once I upchuck I’ll know how hard I really need to be working.

My glutes and hamstrings are very sore afterwords, which I take as a good sign. Ghetto booty here I come! My traps were not as painfully pumped/sore as they were last time, but close.

Sweet Conorditioning and Pulling

Good Lawdy!

bench, pinkie on rings: worked up to 275x3x5

close girp bench: 245×12

inverted row: bwx5,5,8,8 I am going to tuck a 25 pound plate in my weight belt for these next time.

Then I moved on to the conditioning work.

Five Finger Death Punch

50 air squats

40 pushups

30 situps

20 8-ct bodybuilder

10 pullups

Four rounds for time

I adapted this from a WOD and it is similar to Barbara. An 8-ct bodybuilder is from standing:

  1. Touch the ground
  2. Shoot feet out to pushup position
  3. Spread feet
  4. Bring feet together
  5. Pushup down position
  6. Pushup up position
  7. Shoot feet up to squat position
  8. Back to standing – one repetition

I intended on doing four rounds for time, but my first round was so slow (13:19) that I decided to just finish the last three off the clock. It was still plenty hard. My pullups were actually pretty strong today.

Good Lawdy!