ME Bench

Bench Press 225×3, 275×3, 315×3, 335xmiss, 365xeccentric

dumbbell bench 100×35, EDT, 15 min PR zone

cable row 150×35, EDT, 15 min PR zone

EZ curl 95×31, EDT, 10 min PR zone

dumbbell raise 25×31, EDT, 10 min PR zone

side bends on GHR 25×12, 35×12

ME Bench

500 Pounds: Smashed

I finally hit a pretty decent set on the deadlift. I owe it all to training with Phil.

conventional deadlift 315×1, 405×1, 455×3, 475×3, 500×3 Last rep was kinda shakey because my left hand was giving… but I’m counting it.

Safety Squat Bar lunges – EDT, 60 pounds, 30 reps, 15 minute PR zone

incline dumbbell curl – EDT, 40#, 30 reps, 10 min PR zone

dumbbell shrug – EDT, 100#, 30 reps, 10 min PR zone

dip bar knee raises 2×25

It felt pretty good to hit that top set on deadlift. Seems like a lot of strength sports is just about knowing that you can hit lifts, not so much actually being able to do them.

500 Pounds: Smashed

Friday Night Squats

Free Squat 225x2x1, 275×1, 315×1, 345×1, 365×1, 385×1 I might have cut the last one a little high. I think my problems with the squat are all in my head, but we’ll see come meet day.

Leg press – EDT, 4 plates, 31 reps, 15 min PR zone

GHR – EDT, front elevated six inches, 31 reps, 15 min PR zone

EZ bar reverse curl – EDT, 95#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

neck harness – EDT, 50#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

Safety Squat Bar partial arches on parallel boxes 150x3x15 I kept the bar on in between sets and timed. It took me about four minutes, and that feels like a long time with a yoke on your back.

I realized how lame I am when I got done training tonight and went to the ATM. I ws using the machine and noticed the long line behind me. I was thinking “Damn, why are all these people out at night. Fucking kids.” Then it struck me that it was like 7:30 PM on a Friday night, and maybe I was the one out of place.

Oh well, like they’re so great anyway.

Friday Night Squats

Bench Training and Auxillary Work

I started out tonight with some ME work with the axle. Actually, I’m not sure I would even call this ME work, as I didn’t really hit any big lifts or get that much volume. I wouldn’t call it a waste, but it wasn’t a home run either.

axle bench 75×1, 165×3, 215×1, 255×3, 305×3, 315×1, 325×1, 345xmiss Had some shady lift-off’s and really didn’t feel like pushing it tonight. Next week, it’ll be on like Michelle Kwan.

dumbbell bench – EDT 80#, 50 reps, 15 min PR zone

cable row – EDT 135#, 50 reps, 15 min PR zone

EZ bar curl – EDT 95#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

lateral raise – EDT 20#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

See my previous post on EDT if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

side abs on GHR bwx12, 10#x10, 25#x12

Little side-rant for you: We bought our GHR from Elite Fitness, while I think it’s the most basic model, it’s a solid unit. It was the first thing I ever bought for the club, and I’m particularly proud of it. Not only has the upholstery apparently suffered from some cowards mischief but someone wrote “Junk” on the description on the wall about how to use the machine. I figure it’s probably just some loser who can’t do a single rep and decided the GHR was a poorly designed back extension. Those kind of chumps are the reason there needs to be a sign up in the first place. They’re also the reason I look for ways to do more exercises on the GHR and stay in the dungeon-like room we have it housed in.

Graffiti is only cool if it’s clever or artistic; this was neither.

Bench Training and Auxillary Work

Pullin’ and Stuff

This was a heck of a training session. All I ate all day before training was protein powder. I bought this so-called “blender bottle” with a little ball-shaped whisk in it, and I ate a ton of protein shakes instead of the copious amounts of junk food I normally eat. Incidentally, Wheatsfield here in Ames had little baggies of soy lecithin, which is a really bas ass emulsifier and helps get supplemental fats dissolved in your shakes.

I threw in two sets of 8 GHR’s in my warmup tonight and then proceeded to:

conventional deadlift 315×1, 405×1, 450×5, 455×5, 465×5 This was a PR at5 reps.

Safety Squat Bar lunges EDT – 60 pounds, 18 reps in a 15 minute PR zone This was pathetic. I hope it’s because I spent a lot of time before my first set standing around with the bar on my back (like a minute or two) and I was just tired. Still, this shouldn’t have made me want to lay down on the floor between sets like it did. And which I did. I also don’t know if I’m using the SSB backwards or not. Regardless, it’s hard.

For those of you who don’t know, EDT or “escalating density training” is Charles Staley’s training system. It’s really cool, inherently goal based, self progressing and autoregulating. It’s good stuff.

Essentially, you just pick two non-competitive exercises, and do sets not near failure trying to accumulate as many reps as you can in a given time period. When you increase your reps, you can increase the weight.

Google it and read up on it, then find yourself a copy of Staley’s “Muscle Logic” which explains in-depth.

incline dumbbell curl EDT – 30 pounds, 29 reps 10 minute PR zone

dumbbell shrugs EDT – 80 pounds, 29 reps 10 minute PR zone

I intended on doing hanging pikes as my last exercise, but I didn’t have it in me, so I just did knee raises with the dip bars, three sets of 15 or so.

There were even some gals in the gym playing basketball, so in every respect it was a good training night. Also, Kristen must have updated her Ipod or something, because she had some bangin’ good tunes on the stereo.

After training, I had Chinese from Hyvee (an Iowa grocery store, FYI), along with an extra serving of fried rice and a can of “Chinese Fancy Mixed Vegetables” or somesuch. Rice and veggies, that’s healthy, right?

Pullin’ and Stuff

Safety Squat Bartending and Cyclone Wrestling

Our Safety Squat Bar finally arrived from Elite Fitness. I’m psyched. I wasn’t very psyched about it being delivered to the accounting office and having to lug it through the Memorial Union to the parking garage. Ah, well, so is life.

I did a few sets, and it was awful. That bar makes me feel pathetically weak.

SSB box squat 135x2x3, 225x2x2, 225x3x3

I’ll definitely be messing around with this during my next workout too, maybe some full or upper-back good mornings.

I also went to my first Iowa State wrestling meet. (Also the first real-life wrestling meet I’ve been to at any level.) I must say that even though I don’t know anything about it, it’s a pretty interesting/entertaining sport. I just kept expecting guys to throw on the armbar or the rear naked choke, to no avail. I did see a few guys get pinned, which is fun when it’s the opposition. I think I’ll probably be going to more of these.

Safety Squat Bartending and Cyclone Wrestling