Lots of Updates

I squatted on Wednesday and my back isn’t very happy about it.

free squat: 135×1, 225×1, 315×1, 405×1

box squat to basically parallel, added loose Metal Ace suit: 405×1, 405+150# chains, 455 + chains x 1, 495 + chains x 1

pullups: bw x 2 x 10

Friday I benched, worked up to 335 for a double and did very little accessory work.

Saturday I did a deck of cards with Kristen using elbow touches, burpees, jumping jacks and situps after getting in a little token arms. For arms I think I did a couple sets of ez bar curls with 75×15, 95×12 and 125×10.

Today I did a deck of cards with Kristen using flutter kicks, squats, dips and jumping jacks. I tried to start with 4 count dips but had to quickly work down to 4 count pushups because I never would have made it through 190 dips. Even the squats were pretty damn hard. I squatted to a 12″ or so box, so I was well below parallel and the first few reps really taxed my hip mobility.

I’ve also been working on that pushup challenge thing; yesterday I did it before we started the cards and got ‘er done in 65 seconds.

Lots of Updates


I did arms, but not shoulders. I’m not sure why really. This is a deload and I didn’t feel like military pressing and it felt really good to just do arms and help one of my training partners bench. She’s gonna have a hell of an arch at this pace.

random explosive rep warmup

open grip barbell curl: 95 x 15, 115 x 10, 95 x 12

superset with: dips bw x 25,20,2o That set of 25 was a recent personal best. I probably could have done 30 or more but I wanted to be able to do more than one set.

spider curls on ghr: 30’s x 6 or 8, 20’s x 15 alternating Ginger flavor style.


Update and Explanation of My Hiatus

Rest, assured, I’ve still been training. A lot. Today I actually did something interesting:

1 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

2 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

3 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

13 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

14 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

15 hang snatch 95#, 1 6-ct burpee

That’s 120 reps of hang snatch in less than 30 minutes. I’ll tell you, those last reps didn’t feel very good.

I started off with that mildly gay pushup challenge thing from T-nation today. I did it in 1:25.

As for the hiatus? I just didn’t post for about a month. That’s all the explanation there is.

Update and Explanation of My Hiatus