Another Reason To Dislike “Energy Drinks”

I was perusing the grocery store today and at checkout I saw a new energy drink. The ingredients actually looked pretty good, so I picked one up. The only ingredients I remember off the top of my head are caffeine, EGCG, taurine and arginine. As I was waiting I checked out the label more closely. The “energy blend” was 6.2 grams of sucrose and the other aforementioned ingredients.

Know how much sugar was in a serving? Six grams! So of the energy mixture, 6 grams was sucrose, pure table sugar, and only 200mg of the other ingredients. 200mg is pretty close to a normal dose of caffeine, so I’d bet the drink only had trace amounts of taurine, EGCG and arginine. That would be fine if that was an effective dose, but a normal dose is in the gram range! That’s an order of magnitude difference.

As you can imagine, I put it back on the shelf, disappointed. I’ve always contended that “energy drinks” were a big scam and I think just looking at their labels with a critical eye is damning evidence. You can achieve the exact same effect with plain old generic brand caffeine tablets for a fraction of the cost, but I guess it’s not cool. Just make sure to follow label directions and discontinue if you have any adverse reactions – be safe!

Another Reason To Dislike “Energy Drinks”

Saturday Morning Bartoons

This was another one off workout. I’m not sure if my diet hasn’t been on the ball, if I’m not allowing enough to time recuperate or if it’s just time to switch some exercises. I also don’t normally train on Saturday, so I think that might be a problem.

barbell preacher: 105×4, 0, 0 Wow, this is awful

wrist curl: 105×10

leg press calves: 6 plates + 25’s x 12

GHR: back elevated (on 2×6) x 8 reps Nice, slow eccentrics.

leg press: 6 plates x 1, 7 plates x 6, 6 platesx10, 5

Saturday Morning Bartoons

Not a Drop to Drink

It turns out Ames is just a big flat flood plain. A big swath of my home turf is under water. They closed several streets, so I got to ride my bike around without competing with any motorists. I also got to ride through knee deep water like a 10 year old. I bet I underestimated the distance because I spent a significant amount of time in the park by the golf course. They have a little tower there where I could survey the flood damage, and also noted a condom wrapper. Why can’t I ever have sex in interesting places like that? Anyway, here’s where I rode:

And here’s a link to the university news page that has pictures, and links to pictures, I guess.

Not a Drop to Drink

In and Out, Came and Went

incline bench: 205×12, 3, 1 This is a low incline, like 20° and I use a wider grip than a normal wide-grip, something like ring fingers on the rings.

Behind the neck press: 75×1, 75×15,4,3

close grip bench: 205×1, 205×13,4 ,2

V-grip pulldown: 18×12, 4, 3

Kable standing rows: 10×10, 5, 3 I’ve renamed these kable with a “k” for my internet powerlifting buddy from Iceland.

I moved right along tonight, since I didn’t have any big puke-inducing movements or widowmakers to do.

In and Out, Came and Went

Back to Back

I took this opportunity to train with my partner, even though I trained yesterday. I might even try to use a M-T-R-Sa split for a while, or even a M-T-R-F. It seems to me I’ve had better luck with the former than the latter. I’ve heard that back in the day the standard DC template was two on, one off, but they found it was too much for most people. I don’t think I’m that strong, so I’m not sure I can make deep enough inroads into my recuperative ability to really need all that time to recover. This will let me hit every part four times in two weeks instead of three. Seems good to me. If I find I can’t beat the logbook, I’ll drop back down to three per week.

ez bar curl: 125×1, 135×10, 1, 2

wrist extension: 55×9,3,3

seated calves: 135×10 These were pretty tough tonight. I’m not sure why, I did them like normal with a long 5-10 count at the bottom. We’ve got an old-school machine that’s pretty uncomfortable, that might contribute.

leg curl: 14×17,4,3

SSB squat: 240×1, 290×1, 340×1, 360×6, 260×15 That set of six was all I could do. I’m pretty sure my spleen shot out across the room on that sixth rep.

I thought my workout yesterday might not have been enough for chest, but I’m actually pretty sore today, so I take that as a good sign.

Back to Back

Bad Chest Training – But Good Deadlifting

I feel like I’m sandbagging my upper body training. I sort of have an excuse today, because our gym doesn’t have 130’s, so I tried to move up from 125’s to 135’s and couldn’t quite get it. I’ll have to really pour the heat on next time and get a ton of reps with the 125’s, otherwise I’ll have to switch that movement out. I also felt like shit in the gym today, I don’t know why. It was a little hotter today than it has been, and I haven’t been eating any cottage cheese. It’s hard for me to believe that casein has been making that big a difference, but next time I get groceries I’ll throw it back in and see how it does.

db flat press: 75×5, 135×4, 125×4,4,1

bb overhead press: 165x6x1x1

reverse scrape-the-rack press: 205×15,5,5 Nice!

conventional deadlift: 315×1, 405×1, 455×1, 500×4, 425×10 These last two sets were both PR’s for that many reps.

wide grip lat pulldown: 14×10,5,3

I definitely understand why Dante says no direct trap work, I feel my traps after pretty much every upper body day.I feel like from the nipples up I’m already looking more jacked, and my triceps are looking pretty good. I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out over the summer.

Bad Chest Training – But Good Deadlifting

Fat, Antifat and Paradigm Shifts

I was reading an old entry in Chris Shugart’s blog and I came across this comment from “The Dmachine”:

The western attitude to fat people is disgusting. We seem to think we have to pamper the fatties and hide the truth, while the fat people lie to themselves.

Here in Asia some people think I’m fat seeing as I’m about twice the size of the average Japanese dude, and Asians truly have super low body fat. But the nice thing is here in China if someone thinks Im fat they will straight out say you’re a little fat, they don’t pussy foot around the issue. And then of course I will explain that my chest is infact muscle and not fat…

Pudgy Chinese people come straightforward and admit that they are fat. And I believe this is a good thing. They look at being fat as a choice, and fat people choose to eat alot and be lazy. As long as being fat is a choice then people can always choose to become thin.

In the west we look at being fat as some sort of a disease, or a curse from God, whatever it may be. We feel we have to tipy toe around the issue in order to protect those inflicted with the ailment. But infact what we are doing is dis-empowering those who are over weight!!!

Now, I have no idea if this is an accurate description of Chinese behavior in this regard, but if it is I have to agree. For some reason people have this idea that being fat, or lazy, or even having a mental illness is some sort of abstract moral failing or fate instead of what it truly is, a biological phenomena with naturalistic origins.

I blame this on the Puritanical origins of this country, but I’m no historian or sociologist, so I can only speculate. I do know, however, from observing people that they treat a myriad of problems as intangible bogeymen instead of the surmountable problems they are. After all, if the problem occurs in a biological system, it’s a biological phenomena and it must have a biological origin. (Hopefully I can take credit for this little axiom, namely that biological phenomena have biological origins.)

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Fat, Antifat and Paradigm Shifts