End of Post-Meet Week

Friday AM

20 minutes of gentle cardio and tons of stretching and foam rolling

Friday PM

medium grip bench: 45 x 5, 95 x 2, 135 x 3, 185 x 1, 225 x 1, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, 315 x 3 x 5 I did something different with my grip on the second set and it felt worse but was much stronger so I’m going to try to replicate it.

strong band reverse band press: 315 x 10, 345 x 9, 335 x 8 I am probably going to just stay with 335 next week so I can make sure and get my reps. I used the same grip here as my normal bench grip, instead of going narrower.

pullups: bw x 12,12,10

machine row to face: 90 x 2 x 15

press/fly combo: 20’s x 2 x 10

prestretcher crunch: 50 x 5, 110 x 2 x 10


I took a nice hot Epsom salt soak and then went in and did a very thorough job of stretching and foam rolling anything that felt sore or tight. Then I ate two five dollar foot-longs.

End of Post-Meet Week

Training Update Week of 10-26

Tuesday – AM

hang snatch: 95# x 15

dumbbell swing: 30’s x 25

four rounds in 18:30

Tuesday – PM

oly bar curl: 95 x 3 x 10, 85 x 10, 75 x 10 superset with:

overhead rope extension: 100 x 10, 110x3x10, 120 x 10

other random curl stuff

Wednesday – AM

50 8-count bodybuilders

I did these in bouts of 10 instead of 5 like I normally do. They were a little harder this way.

Wednesday – PM

tons and tons and tons of stretching and warmup

straight bar free squat: 225 x 10, 245 x 2 x 10

dumbbell Kyle row: 100 x 3 x 15

leg press: 4 plates per side x 10, 5 plats per side x 2 x 10

safety bar goodmorning: ssb + one 25 per side x 3 x 10 I arched super crazy hard on these. It was so legit it made my back and abs spasm.

high incline GHR: bw x 3 x 10 I can’t get my form right on these and I know there’s something wrong with it. I yelled and bitched at Kyle for no reason at all because I was pissed about it. Sowwy Kyle 😦

Palloff Press: 100 x 2 x 10 left and right

Thursday – AM

log clean: log + 25 pound bumpers x 3 x 10 superset with

hanging pike: bw x 3 x 5

I took my sweet time and didn’t feel too terrible. I don’t even feel too about about sandbagging, since this is an off week anyway. I can tell this workout is going to be much harder next time.

Thursday – PM

I did a regeneration session. No cardio, just stretching and foam rolling. I felt fantastic afterwards.


Training Update Week of 10-26

Big Deadlift PR and Post-meet Training

I pulled a 40 pound PR at the NASA Iowa Regional meet for my first 600 pound deadlift.

601 pound second-attempt deadlift at BW of 258.

My bench press was mediocre, I smashed my opener with 353 on the bench but lost my second attempt with 401 about three fingers off my chest. Having to bench flat footed really messed up my spine. I was shooting for 1000 pound push-pull total but I’ll have to let that lay for another time.

Today I just skipped my deadlifting but basically trained like normal.

military press: 45x3x5, 95×1, 135×1, 155x2x5

Partial pullup: bw+20×3, bw+40×3, bw+60x8x3 These are done Kroc/Kyle style, real wide grip and just pulling to head height. Kyle suggested I change these up and I’m going with it. I’m still going to do normal strict form deadhang pullups for reps at least one day per week.

leg press shoulder press: one plate per side x 2 x 10

Someone stole my leg press and started doing some kind of retarded half-reps with it so I just moved on and did some lateral raises rather than unload so many plates.

lateral raise in scap plane: 20 x 2-3×15

front plank: 2:00

Dirty Dozen

toy soldier
hip thrust
air squat
mt climber
side plank
trap bar dead

I did each one for 20 seconds and did three rounds total. I need to increase these again up to 30-45 seconds because my conditioning is shitty again.

Big Deadlift PR and Post-meet Training

Roscoe P Curltrain

There were three of us curling in a row, on the platform tonight. It was epic.

random band speed curl warmup thing superset with plyo bench pushup thing

strict oly bar curl: 115 x 5 x 3 superset with

reverse grip full range bench: 275 x 5 x 3

axle armwrestler curl: bar + 10’s x 3 x 8 superset with

incline db curl: 25’s x 10

I worked in triceps with three sets of bwx15,17,15 on the dip.

That’s pretty much all I did and my joints felt fantastic compared to this morning.

Roscoe P Curltrain

Pulling PR’s and Sheezy

I did 15 minutes of moderately hard cardio this morning.

military press: 45×5, 95 x 2, 135 x 2, 155×1, 185 x 1, 195 x 1, 205 x 1, 205 x 2 x 3 These tie a PR I think.

log press: 145 x 10, 165 x 2 x 10

chinup: bw x 2, bw + 30 x 1, bw + 60 x 3 x 3, bw +10 x 2 x 10, bw + 60 x 3 eccentric reps with partner assistant

conventional deadlift: 315 x 1, 405 x 2 x 1 455 (belt) x 1, 495 x 1, 545 x 1, 545×3 (PR)

YTWL: 8’s x 2 x 8-10

conventional deadlift: 445 x 12 (PR) These were real ugly, but I’ll take them.

front plank: bw x 60 seconds, bw x 75 seconds

I warmed up forever tonight and never felt right. I don’t know what exactly is jacked up in my neck/shoulder but it hurts, along with my triceps/elbows.

It must be that fish oil I started taking, healing my joints too much.

Pulling PR’s and Sheezy