More Belated Updating

I’ve still been training but I’ve been sans internet so I’m updating all at once:


military press: worked up to 190x3x3

chinup: bw+20 x 8,8,7 I’ve droppeed the weight back down and bumped the reps up. I’ll work on these until I stall and then I’ll go back to sets of 5 and surpass my old weight PR. Then when I stall I’ll repeat the process.

deadlift: worked up to 495×3


random arm business: worked up to 140×6 oly bar curl


safety bar box squat to parallel box: 2 plates + quarter by 3,3,6 I guess our EFS safety bar weighs over 80 pounds, which is pretty baller.

safety bar lunges: bar weight x 2 x 10 These gave me a sever butt pump (no homo)


Attempted Tabat front squat, had to stop halfway through because my reps were so pathetic. Time to drop the weight and start over.

I also ran a mile Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, which is probably why I’ve felt so terrible and had such a hard time keeping up with my other training.

More Belated Updating

Overdue Updates

After benching on my last update I started my deload and ran hill on sunday. I felt ill going into it and didn’t get any better over my deload. The only lifting I did was on Monday, sans deadlift and mil press but including conditioning.

I came back this Monday and wound up pulling 405 for 15 semiconsecutively with straps, which made me feel terrible.

Yesterday I ran a mile in 10:26 and did essentially the same thing this morning. My slowness is depressing, but at least it is progress.

Last night I worked arms

straight bar curl: 95×6, 115×6, 135×6

safety bar bodyweight extension: lots

hammer curl: 50’sx2x10

random machine curl and extensions

random reverse curls

wrist extensions

Clearly, nothing of value.

Overdue Updates

Benching and The Hills

Friday I benched

bench, pinkies on rings: 45×5, 95×5, 135×5, 185×3, 225×1, 275×1, 295×1, 315×1, 325×1, 335×1, 3345x3x1

close grip 2-board: 225×18

pinkies on rings, 1+1/2 reps: 205×12

low incline dumbbell press: 85×12, 6

Tons and tons of sets of rear delts on the pec deck and bicep curls on the leg curl machine

Saturday I did nothing.


I ran hills for 12 trips and felt terrible. Absolutely terrible. Only the first three trips or so felt fast, the rest felt slow and heavy.

Benching and The Hills

Tabata Front Squatz

Tabata Front Squat

105 pounds, lowest rep score was 6, but this was because I was sweating so profusely the bar literally slipped out of my hands and I tried to recover but had to rerack it in the middle of an interval. Again, a ludicrous full body pump somehow emerged.

I have also been doing my morning cardios, which I hate.

Tabata Front Squatz

Squatting, Lots and Lots of Squatting

No really, like, too much squatting.

20 mins of cardio on the stationery bike like normal in the AM and extra mbility stuff

Early PM Session

parallel box squat (no warmups ass to grass today): 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 425×1, 455×1, 465x2x1 I thrw my briefs on at 365 and I ratcheted my belt up pretty tight for those last sets. I felt super strong, like I could have squatted another 100 pounds. It must be the briefs, which felt super tight. I must be doing something right, since these briefs were loose when I weighed 270 and now they’re tight. Also, I was trying to get/stay super tight on the box, and really pushing out into the briefs.

back extensions: bw+25 x 3 x 10

leg press: 6 plates x 10, 7 plates x 10

one arm db row: 85 x 2 x 10

PM Conorditioning session

Deck of Cards with air squats and pushups, got it done in 34 minutes

Squatting, Lots and Lots of Squatting

Jim Wendler’s 531

First, go buy Jim’s book, because Jim and Elite have been nothing but the best in every dealing I’ve ever had with them.

Second, go read this article about 5/3/1. The program is unimportant but the concepts he lays out are critical. If you took the lessons he lays out there and applied them to any program, you’d make progress. Not that 5/3/1 isn’t a good program…

Third, really, go buy the Ebook.

Jim Wendler’s 531

Just. Keep. Going. Or, Why I Love/Hate Conditioning

Conditioning is not satisfying. It does not feel good. Worse, it’s a constant moral challenge; the body is sending constant signals to stop and the internal monologue is incessantly self defeating.

It’s not like cranking out a max deadlift, or even a rep PR on the squat; there’s no instant gratification. The little successful bumps that each rep signifies aren’t as discrete. There’s only success in the end, when you’re done.

You must realize these things, take stock of them and continue on. You must. Keep. Going.

That’s what I hate about conditioning work. But it is also what I love about it; conquering myself, rising above self defeat and meeting the moral problem that is quitting myself.

Sometimes I need to have challenges for myself and meet them whether they make sense technically speaking or not. Doing hundreds of pushups or bodybuilders may not make the most sense structurally, functionally or physiologically, but sometimes it has to be done.

I remind myself of the Marine recruits at Paris Island and San Diego; the training they do isn’t always the most cutting edge, high tech program and they can’t opt of training because they don’t feel recovered or they’re not ready to give their optimum performance They just. Keep. Going. Same goes for our warriors training in far-away vacation spots like Afghanistan and Iraq who find the time and guts in between facing other human beings in mortal combat. No offense, but if you can’t Just-Keep-Going with a nice clean bed, supplements, food and personal safety then you’re probably being some kind of pussy.

One of my favorite quotes is from perhaps Germany’s greatest poet, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe:

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.

That’s how a smarter man than I am says just fucking do it. Just. Keep. Going.

Just. Keep. Going. Or, Why I Love/Hate Conditioning