Deadlifting and other updates

I’m aware I’ve done a pretty shitty job of updating this, but now that I have some kind of busy work schedule actually getting my training done takes precedence over writing about it.

I’ve been able to train successive waves like normal and with any luck this should continue at least until my school changes to our winter schedule. Training may become weird once that happens. Here’s what I got done today:


Long slow cardio. Jogged a minute on/minute off at a leisurely pace for 55 ish minutes.


Military press: worked up to 165×1,1,2.5

Conventional deadlift: worked up to 425×3 with a belt. I have video of this but my mobile app didnt want to put it on youtube.

Notice I skipped rep deads and my oly lift warmups because my back was bothering me from laying in the rack all (holiday) weekend.

Ghr: body weight x3x15

Weighted pullup:bw+35×5,5,5,5,7

Smith scoops press: 135×15, 155x4x15

Reverse ez curl: 75×5, 85×5,5,5,10

Military press: 45×40

Deadlifting and other updates