Arms 04-26-09

reverse band reverse grip 2-board press: 225×6, 275×6, 295×6, 315×6, 345×5 superset with

ez bar curl: 125×6, 135×6, 145x2x6

seated overhead tricep extension: 75×20,75×12, 65×25 triset with:

db skullcrusher: 45×8,8,6 triset with:

band kickbacks: three sets of some reps

overhead cable rope curl: 3×12, 5×12, 4×12 superset with

incline db curl: 40×10,8,6\

bodyweight extensions: bwx8,10,5 I just gassed and quit the last set superset with

tempo contrast hammer curl: 35x2x8, 30×8 I used an extra slow 5 count eccentric and concentric on the slow reps of the last set.

tricep abd bicep stretching

100 reps of pressdowns and cable curls

Then I had a protein shake and at least an entire large pizza worth of pizza slices. It was awesome, I think my body sucked up ALL the nutrients and I’m actually going to be even more swole tomorrow than I clearly already am today.

Arms 04-26-09

Training Update

April 22

Walked 5 miles in the morning.

Walked/ran 8 laps on the track at night.

April 23

AM: walked 5 miles

high box squat, wide stance: worked up to 385×6 for three sets. Wore my loosish groove briefs.

leg curl: 150×6 superset with

hamstring leg press: 6 plates x 12

GHR with light band: worked up to back elevated on low box

one leg RDL: alternated 25 per leg until I did 100 on both sides

April 24

AM: one hour of cardíos on stationery bike

incline bb press: 185×6, 205×6, 225×6, 225×6, 235×6

cable crossover: 3 or 4 x 12 superset with

1+1/2 rep bench: 185×8,8,6 or 8,6,4 I can’t remember, I just know I had a mad real pec pump and/or burn.

flat db bench: 75×6,12,8 I used a 4-5 second eccentric with a pause and then an explosive concentric. MAD REAL PUMPS!1!1!1!1!

random mechanical drop set I invented: lateral raise to failure, Ahren’s press to failure, db press to failure and then push press to failure with 20’s

cable press thing: 4×100

April 25

AM: one hour of cardíos on stationery bike

PM: ran wind sprints on the indoor track destroying my ankles and delivering me to the doorstep of Pukesburg, USA.

Training Update

Less Pump Than a Thirsty Village

I don’t know why but I just can’t get a back pump. The only time I ever had one was when I did a strongman show and I pulled a truck with a rope for time. I’m going to switch to rack pulls for my special exercise from now on.

box row: 70×6, 100x2x6, 90x2x6

machine row, tempo contrast: 70×8, 95x2x8 triset with

pullup: bwx3,2, then pulldown 15x? triset with

back extension on GHR: bwx12,25x2x12

upper back GM with safety bar: 2 plates x 2×15

random cable row with rope: 100xlots

stretching for lats and upper back

pulldown with rope: 3 or 4 x 100

I also repped out the bar for either 100 or 120. I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention.

crunches: 2×25

Less Pump Than a Thirsty Village

Quads 04-20-09

low, narrow stance leg press: 5 plates x 6, 6 plates x 6, 7 plates x 6, 7 plates x 5 I think I used a lower pin setting on the machine, so I had a larger ROM. I still got my six reps and only ate a 50 pound decrement. Remember, that’s only the plates per side.

leg extension: 100×12, 90×15,12 superset with

Anderson front squat: 315×18, 405x2x12

isometric wall squat: 54 seconds and 45 seconds. I was shooting for two minutes, which turned out to be a little optimistic.

quad stretches

leg press: 25 per side x 100

When I got home I soaked in the tub full of ice water, heavy on the water and light on the ice but still cold. I hope my soreness isn’t crippling tomorrow.

Quads 04-20-09


reverse band reverse grip two board close grip: 275x5x6 superset with:

ez bar curl:125×6, 135x4x6

overhead extensions, false grip: 95x2x12, 95×9 triset with:

db extensions: 40x3x8 triset with

kickbacks: 15x3x15

overhead cable curl: 4?x3x12 superset with:

incline db curl: 35×12, 35x2x10

bodyweight extension: bwx3x10 superset with

hammer curl, tempo contrast: 40x3x8 This means two reps slowly, then two reps fast, repeat. I got this from Christian Thibaudeau

random shoulder work: laying cable laterals + bands and some cable up row into presses

cable pressdown: 3 x 100

cable curl: 2×100

stretching for bis and tris

cable pressdown: 1×100

cable curl: 2×100


Hammies, Chest and Conditioning

Thursday the 16, Hamstrings

wide stance high box squat with loose briefs: 365x5x6

leg curl: 130×6, 140x2x6 superset with

RDL: 225×12, 275x2x12

tempo contrast GHR: 3×8

one leg rdl: bwx100

Friday the 17, Chest

Incline BB press: 185×5, 205×6, 185x3x6

cable crossover: 20×12 superset with

1+1/2 rep bench press: 185×8, 165×6,155×8

triple set dumbbell press, high, low and flat: 50×8, 50×6, 50×5

laying cable laterals: I don’t remember the weight, it’s not important. I did three sets superset with pullups.

leaning front raises: 20x3x12

supinated cable shrugs: 100?x3x15

cable press: 20×100

Sat the 18, Conditioning

Again, I ran(shuffled)/walked(waddled) 2 miles on the outdoor track. My previous time was 24:44 and my time today just edged under 24 minutes, so go me. I’m gussing gains will probably come quickly here, since there’s no where to go but up.

Hammies, Chest and Conditioning