I Train More Than Union Pacific

Wednesday AM – 30 minutes of HIIT on elliptical (level 17, 10 seocnds on, 50 seconds off)

Wednesday PM – free squat, work up to 405 x 1,1,2 equipped box squat, 425 + 150 chains x 3 x 2 some other random thing

Thursday – ran four 200m sprints and did ab work

Friday AM- did four buddy carries with my 205ish pound buddy this morning on a super steep grassy hill

Friday PM – bench press, worked up to 355 x 1,1,2 shirted bench 405 x 3 board, 455 x 3-board, 455 x 2-board
bw x 2 x 50 rep pushup, three ladders of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 on pullups (=108 reps) although I missed the last one and had to do a couple extra to make the 8.

I Train More Than Union Pacific

Lots of Training

I’ve done a lot of training the last few weeks. I did 385×3,3,3 in the squat and 405+150 chains in the equipped box squat. When I benched I did 345 x 3 x 3 and 87 pullups done ladder style. I’ve also done a ton of conditioning, most of which I dont feel like discussing.

Yesterday I worked up to 515 x 3 x 1 on the deadlift and bw + 55 x 5,5,5,5,6 on the pullup and bw x 15,15,20 on the low incline GHR.

Today I worked up to 210 x 1,1,2 on the military. Then I did plate x 20,15 on the leg press shoulder press, axle curls for 15 reps and random-ass band pressdowns.

Lots of Training

I Sure Hope I Live…

Training was quite severe and my diet was very spartan. Usually, if I’m going to be eating little, drinking tons of water and training I put 1/4 tsp of sea salt per gallon of tap water but I forgot to do that and I got severe cramps after my last session tonight. I was also real hypoglycemic and on the verge of upchucking immediately post-training.


Bodyweight circuit, three rounds with 2 minutes rest

  • high knees, 10 reps
  • air squat, 15 reps
  • bike, 10 4 counts
  • pistol, 6 reps L /R
  • elbow touch 10 4-ct
  • invert row, real high 10 reps
  • pushup, bw x 20 reps
  • swing, 60# dumbbell 15 reps
  • crunch, 20 reps
  • trap bar 135# 10 reps
  • flutter kick, 10 4 counts
  • hang snatch, 95# 8 reps

45 minutes walking on treadmill
military press: 45×5, 95×5, 135×1, 155×1, 185×1, 200×3,3,3
leg press delt press: plate + 10 x 10,10,11
axle curl: axle x 15, axle + 5’s x 2 x 15
dips: bw x 18,12
random dumbbell preacher
tucked front lever: random, these are getting easier
slantboard prestretcher situp: bw x 3 x 16 superset with;
GHR back extension: bw x 3 x 5 w/10 second pauses at top position aka the iso/dynamic method

I Sure Hope I Live…

Dalliance with Deadlifting

conventional deadlift: 95×1 (I don’t know why), 135×1, 225×1, 315×1, 405×1 (started mixed grip), 455×1 (started belt), 495×3,3,5 I don’t think this is a rep PR, but it’s still pretty good. I don’t normally go for rep PR’s on my last set of deadlifts, but I felt pretty strong today and my form felt safe.

GHR, front on medium box: bw x 3 x 15 superset with

weighted pullup, bw + 45 x 5 x 5 I didn’t go for a rep PR on the last set of this one because I was so gassed and my hands hurt. I’ll probably stay here and try to set a rep PR next week unless I feel real strong, then I’ll go up. My lats were/are smoked.

I was going to do some abs but my abs were fried so I just left and I didn’t remember to do any pull aparts.

Dalliance with Deadlifting

Bench/Abs/Cardio Update

Friday AM

5 rounds of 6 4-way lunges and 25 pushups with one minute (soft) between rounds

Friday PM

bench press: 45×5, 95×1, 135×1, 185×1, 225×1, 275×1, 315×1, 335x2x5 I got real dumb and didn’t get the third one. That’s okay because this was a big jump.

pull up: bw+20 x 11, bw x 12

random one arm pushup

Saturday: nothing

Sunday: worked on my tucked front lever, my dragon flag (bw x 38 seconds) and did three sets of 15 reps of incline prestretcher situp

Monday: elliptical, 12 rounds of 15 seconds “sprinting” at >90 rpms and 1:45 at >45 rpms @ level 17. My heartrate stayed above 150 and peaked just under 170 by the end.

Bench/Abs/Cardio Update

At Least I Squatted

I just got them in, that’s all. I couldn’t squat at my normal time or place or with the regular crew. I didn’t have my shoes, belt or chalk. I still got my required worksets in. They felt real shitty, probably from trying to squat in my running shoes.

squat to real low box: 45×2, 135×2

squat to parallel box: 135×1, 225×1

free squat: 225×1, 315×1, 365×5,6 My hamstrings, particularly my right, were spent.

pistol to box + 2 bumpers: random x random

pistol to box + one bumper: bw x 12 left and right

prestretcher situp on slant board: bw x 25 reps

back extension: bw x 12 reps

I wanted to do more ab work but I got the worst and weirdest ab cramps today. It wasn’t the rectus, it was something deeper. It cramped up and wouldn’t release for several minutes. It was excruciating.

At Least I Squatted

Conorditioning and Military Press


three rounds with two minutes rest in between of:

  • high knees, 10 reps
  • lunges, 10 reps
  • bike, 10 reps
  • pistol, 8 reps
  • elbow touch, 10 reps
  • invert row, 10 reps
  • pushup, 20 reps
  • swing, 25# dbells, 15 reps
  • crunch, 20 reps
  • trap bar, 135# x 10 reps
  • flutter kick, 10 reps
  • hang sntach, 95#, 5 reps


military press, open grip: 45×5, 95×5, 135×1, 155×1, 185×1, 190×5,5,5 I also did a bunch of thoracic mobilizations and whatnot like normal.

reverse shrugs

axle curl: axle x 1, axle + 20 x 1, axle + 40 x 10,10 superset with

dips: bw x 20,20

pronated flexed arm hang: bw x 2 x 30 sec

laterals in scap plane: 25’s x 12

Conorditioning and Military Press