I’m Not A Cliche New Year Resolutionist

So… It’s been a while. I’m aware of that.

As I’ve slowly and reluctantly climbed my way into adulthood, grown up responsibilities and a loving longterm relationship my posts became less and less frequent. I won’t lie, that decline paralleled a lack of interest in and dedication to my training. I still train and compared to the rest of the mediocre, pathetic population I still smash weights. But I haven’t been hungry for it. I’m not the fanatic I was.

In my heyday I worked in a gym, I trained six days a week with multiple strength sessions, mobility work, conditioning and feeder sessions. I’m pretty sure I went for 18 months or so there without missing a scheduled workout, averaging about 9 sessions a week. I subsisted on a shoe string, I had no social life and I lived to train.

Now I struggle to get even my strength training in and my physique and performance show it. My frequency dropped to three a week and finally two. I’ve switched my presses so that if I only train one day a week ( which happens more than I’d like to admit) I at least get my deadlift and bench in. I have new appreciation for the issues my clients used to face with busy jobs, families and training on a back burner.

So here I am. I need to get my shit together before I get fat(ter), weak and small.

I’m going to start posting more often, get focused on my training and I’ve hired a professional to finally fix my nutrition (more on that later).

Wish me luck.

I’m Not A Cliche New Year Resolutionist