Deadlift and Military Monday, April 20

Sunday is my “normal” day to deadlift but by time I got done with errands I didn’t feel like it and in my defense I worked a 16 hour shift the day before and didn’t get off until 2am. No harm, no foul as I made it up on Monday.

block pull: 4 mats 225×1, 275×1, 3 mats 225×1, 275×1, 2 mats 225×1, 275×1, 1 mat 275×5,5,10 (+belt)

military press: 135×5,6 superset with

pullup: bw (a lot) x 5,7

band hip thrust: orange band x 15,18 superset with

reverse hyper: plate per side x 10, 2 plate per side x 20

side plank on lowest box (maybe 5 inches?) 30sec x 2 per side alternate with

isometric hip thrust: 30 seconds

front plank on lowest box: bw x 60sec

I don’t know why my military felt so bad and has been so weak lately. It never used to bother me but in the last few months it’s started to irritate my wrists (even with an open grip) and feel funky in my shoulders.

Deadlift and Military Monday, April 20

Deadlift 4/12 and Military 4/13

Deadlift, Sunday April 12, 2015

box pull, four mats under bar: 225×1, 275×1

box pull, three mats: 225×1, 275×1

box pull, 2 mats: 225×1, 275×5,5,10 (added belt)

This is down within two inches of the floor.

orange efs band hip thrust, feet on short box: bw x 20, 17

reverse hyper: one plate per side x 10, one plate + 25 x 10, 10

side plank on bench: 2 x 30 sec per side, alternating

ARSD: plate + 25 x 3 lengths left then right

skip step drag: 2 plates + 25, random amounts I don’t know how to describe these. Step forward with one foot then take a short stutter step and then repeat a long step with the original foot.

Monday, April 13, 2015

military press, yellow coded needle thread bar: 45×5, 95×2, 135×1, 155×5,5,6 These sucked. I haven’t been able to get my wrists in good position for these for a while now. I use the same open grip I’ve used for years.

log press: empty x 10, 10’s x 10, 10, 12

reverse hyper: 1 plate per side x 10

pull up: bw x 6, 6, 5, 5

side plank, on bench: 2 x bw x 39sec, L-R, alternating

front plank, on bench: 45 sec

ARSD: 2 half lengths per side, alternating x 45 + 25

lateral walk sled drag: one length per side x 45 + 25, one length per side x 2 plates + 25

skip step drags: 2 plates + 25 x 1 half length per side, 3 plates + 25 x 1 half length per side, one trip per side

Deadlift 4/12 and Military 4/13

Training March 30, 2015

military press: 45×3, 95×1, 135×1,1, 155×5,5,5 (+1 push jerk) superset with

pullup: bw x 5,5,5

red band lateral raise x 2 x 15. Done with a 45 degree abduction and neutral grip

reverse hyper: 25 x 10, 45 x 10

I found an exercise on the Diesel website that I think will help me get my back defrazzled. It’s the anti-rotation sled drag (ARSD) and I noticed a big side-to-side difference, which leads me to believe I’m on the right track.

ARSD: 2 plates x two trips down and back per side

Plus a ton of other stuff, pretty much everything I could think to do with the sled; face pulls, rows, pull throughs, curls, tricep extensions, etc etc

Training March 30, 2015

Weird Training Update

I’ve been out of the area, eating a terrible diet and not exercising. We have an odd training schedule so I had to do my military and deadlifting on the same night tonight.

military press: worked up to 185 x 3 x 3

conventional deadlift: worked up to 485 x 3

conventional deadlift for reps: 245x 3 x 15 I did these beltless and double overhand. I hate how hard these are and how pathetic I feel doing them.

I supersetted my rep deads with rep military press with 135 x 10,10 and had to gut out the third set rest-pause style with 5,3,2 reps.

Weird Training Update

An Update!

Monday AM

ran a mile or something

Monday PM

military press: 115×10

conventional deadlift: 465×5,

speed safety bar box squat to above parallel: one plate per side against heavy bands 15×2 and real fast

conventional deadlift: 225x3x15

pullup: bw + 35 x 5,5,8.5

some random arm work including a pointless dropset

My back and abs were both fried from all those pathetically light reps.

Tuesday AM

ran two miles or something

Tuesday PM

military press: worked up to 175×5, 4

barbell curl: 95 x 5,5,10 I’ve decided I’m going to start doing these 5/3/1 style

close grip tricep pushup things to a box with feet suspended: 3 sets of 20

some other random arm work including a pointless drop set I don’t remember what exactly I did but it totalled about 100 reps

Wednesday AM

Did nothing because I’m a lazy POS

Wednesday PM

military press: 115 x 10

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box: worked up to 350×5, 310×5,8 That first set was real hard and a misload

safety squat bar squat to parallelish box, reverse heavy bands: 350×12?, added thin bumper and banged out a few more reps. I like the term “mechanical dropset” for these.

stiff leg to blocks: 115 x 3 x 15

neutral grip chins: bw + 25 x 10,10,9
random arm work including a drop set

Thursday AM

ran a couple miles

Thursday PM ( trained especially late)

bench press: worked up to 315×4

conor press (leg press chest press): two plates per side x 5 x 15 superset with

machine row: 100 x 5 x 10

california press on leg press: worked up to 35 per side plus double mini bands x 2 x 12

scoops press on leg press: 35 per side x 10?, empty sled x 15,5,5 rest-pause

lean away single arm dumbbell curl: 30×10, 35x2x10, 35×10,30×10?25×6? (drop sets) I really like this movement…

trap III raises: 8 pounds x 10

horizontal scap shrug-row: 75 x 10

trap III raise: bw x 15

One of my priorities on this wave is getting arms that look like I actually lift weights so I’m trying to add a total of 200-300 reps of arm work per week.

An Update!

Midweek Training Update

Monday PM

Worked up to 505×5 and 405 x 12 conventional deadlift.

weighted pullup: worked up to bw + 75 pounds x 3 x 3 then bw + 25 pounds x 10

3 full trips down and back pushing the sled at a sprint with 100 pounds

random extra work

hanging braced knee raises, bw x 30

Tuesday AM

ran 5 minutes at 7.7mph or something/walked one minute at 3.3mph and 0.5% incline on the treadmill for 21 minutes or so then I stopped and pussed out because I felt like shit. I covered maybe 2.5-2.8 miles.

Tuesday Afternoon

pulled the sled walking forward with a hip belt and 100 pounds for 12 minutes

Tuesday PM

worked up to 185 x 3,3,3.5 military press

pretty sure I didn’t do any extra curls or dips or anything, just sled work

braced hanging abs, bw x 30

Wednesday AM

ran one mile in 7 minutes flat on the treadmill at 0.5% incline

Wednesday Afternoon

This was actually only 45 minutes or so after the run and I drink one of those little kids cafeteria sized half pint cartons of skim milk.

Walked for 10 minutes straight, forward with a hip belt using 70 pounds. I usually do this in rounds, but today I was doing it so gently I just kept going.

Wednesday PM

worked up to 385 x 5,5,7 straight bar squat to a high box, about three fingers above parallel. My hip has been bugging me so I went just a little higher, wore a super loose pair of groove briefs, slathered myself in horse oil and taped my hip.

dragged the sled forward with a hip belt, did 5 lengths of the basketball court with 300 pounds

Upper body sled work:

  • two lengths of rows with 145
  • two lengths of presses with 145?
  • one length of curls with 100
  • one length of extensions with 100
  • two lengths of face pull with 100
  • one length each way of lateral raises with 25
  • 50 reps each direction of neck work with 25
  • carioca a bunch of lengths with 25 to try to get my hip to cooperate

and… one set of braced hanging knee raises, 35 reps


Midweek Training Update

More Cardio and Shoulders


treadmill interval – ran 9.2mph for 60 seconds, 3.3mph for 60 seconds for 8 rounds

Tuesday – PM

military press, work up to 185 x 1 and it sucked

HS preacher machine: 45xsome, 70 x some, 70 x 2 x 20 superset with:

dips, bw +belt and 2.5 x some, 25,25 This is the first time I actually got both sets of 25 reps. Must be the beta-alanine.

shoulder machine: 85?x15

pec deck: 185 x 12

Wednesday – AM

elliptical worked up to level 16 and speed 6.5-7.0mph for 15 minutes. Heart rate monitor didn’t really pick up.

More Cardio and Shoulders