Friday Run/Restoration/Lift


Ran one minute @ 10.0mph and walked one minute @ 3.3mph for 10 minutes, covering a little over a mile. Then I did 10 easy minutes on the elliptical for no reason at all.


Pulled the sled forward with 100 pounds for 12 trips.


safety bar high box squat: one plate for 10 reps This is some easy extra work I do when I remember. It did not treat my hip well.

bench press: 45×3, 95×3, 135×3, 185×1, 225×1, 275×1, 295×1, 315×1, 350×1,1,2 I got to maybe three board territory before I got stuck on rep three.

leg press chest press: worked up to 3 plates per side and a 25 for 7 reps then did a drop set ith 3 plates down to one plate.

barbell scoops press: worked up to 185 x 14 then did 28 reps with 115

machine high row/face pull: one plate for 12 easy reps

Friday Run/Restoration/Lift

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