Midweek Training Update

Monday PM

Worked up to 505×5 and 405 x 12 conventional deadlift.

weighted pullup: worked up to bw + 75 pounds x 3 x 3 then bw + 25 pounds x 10

3 full trips down and back pushing the sled at a sprint with 100 pounds

random extra work

hanging braced knee raises, bw x 30

Tuesday AM

ran 5 minutes at 7.7mph or something/walked one minute at 3.3mph and 0.5% incline on the treadmill for 21 minutes or so then I stopped and pussed out because I felt like shit. I covered maybe 2.5-2.8 miles.

Tuesday Afternoon

pulled the sled walking forward with a hip belt and 100 pounds for 12 minutes

Tuesday PM

worked up to 185 x 3,3,3.5 military press

pretty sure I didn’t do any extra curls or dips or anything, just sled work

braced hanging abs, bw x 30

Wednesday AM

ran one mile in 7 minutes flat on the treadmill at 0.5% incline

Wednesday Afternoon

This was actually only 45 minutes or so after the run and I drink one of those little kids cafeteria sized half pint cartons of skim milk.

Walked for 10 minutes straight, forward with a hip belt using 70 pounds. I usually do this in rounds, but today I was doing it so gently I just kept going.

Wednesday PM

worked up to 385 x 5,5,7 straight bar squat to a high box, about three fingers above parallel. My hip has been bugging me so I went just a little higher, wore a super loose pair of groove briefs, slathered myself in horse oil and taped my hip.

dragged the sled forward with a hip belt, did 5 lengths of the basketball court with 300 pounds

Upper body sled work:

  • two lengths of rows with 145
  • two lengths of presses with 145?
  • one length of curls with 100
  • one length of extensions with 100
  • two lengths of face pull with 100
  • one length each way of lateral raises with 25
  • 50 reps each direction of neck work with 25
  • carioca a bunch of lengths with 25 to try to get my hip to cooperate

and… one set of braced hanging knee raises, 35 reps


Midweek Training Update

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