Pump Up The Volume!

This blog title reminded me of one of my favorite albums, America’s Volume Dealer by Corrosion of Conformity. Anyway, I got hella volume in yesterday, I didn’t stop sweating for hours and I’m sore as shit today, especially my abs and calves, despite a very clean diet and *ughh* stretching.

hang clean: 185x3x5 Reps suck!

safety bar pause squat: 240×5, 200×5 These were terrible, my back didn’t feel right and I couldn’t get my hips to open up, so I decided to let these lay, since this is a scheduled deload week.

Anderson front squat (front squat out of pins): 225×10, 315×10, 365×10, 415×10 I think I used pin setting 22/21 (Kyle seems to have misnumbered one side) but I think I’m going to go lower from know on. I started with the bar just touching the bottom of my nipple, and I’m not sure that’s low enough to help boost my power clean. Also, I didn’t reset each rep completely, so I’m not sure how fitting the prefix “Anderson” really is, but at least I took a deep breath and got my weight under it on every rep. This seems to have made it easier to keep my chest up and give my back more work; less rounding over.

Safety squat bar one-leg calves: barx5x10

stiff-leg deadlifts; 185x5x10

one arm, one leg pressdown abs; 150x5x10

one arm dumbbell press: 50×50 reps

leg press: 6 plates x 3×10 These were pretty tough after all of that lockout work in the rack.

preacher curl: 45×10, 55×10, 75×10

My intent was to go for 5×10 on all the assistance work, but my work capacity is so low I cut a couple of them short on sets. I really didn’t feel like hurling in the gym. Next week will be a for-realsies training week so I’ll put a lot more effort into my main movements. I should be ready to rock and roll on the squat by next Friday, but we’ll see. We’re far enough out I have time to ease back into things.

Pump Up The Volume!

In and Out, Came and Went

incline bench: 205×12, 3, 1 This is a low incline, like 20° and I use a wider grip than a normal wide-grip, something like ring fingers on the rings.

Behind the neck press: 75×1, 75×15,4,3

close grip bench: 205×1, 205×13,4 ,2

V-grip pulldown: 18×12, 4, 3

Kable standing rows: 10×10, 5, 3 I’ve renamed these kable with a “k” for my internet powerlifting buddy from Iceland.

I moved right along tonight, since I didn’t have any big puke-inducing movements or widowmakers to do.

In and Out, Came and Went