Another Better Than Nothing Day

Well, I should have known today wasn’t going to be a strong day. No wonder, when I checked my log my last full recorded session was almost a month ago. With all the bullshit in  between and this odd week it’s no wonder I wasn’t on my game. At least I got some meaningful work in and I’ll be in a better position to drop back a wave or two and start over next week. (Trying to stay optimistic.)

medium grip bench (MGBP, pinkies touching rings): 45×5, 95×3, 135×2, 185×2, 225×1, 275×1, 295×1, 305×5,5,5 The last recorded workout I got 5,5,7 here so I thought I would be fine repeating those weights for this wave, maybe even getting 8-10. I was wrong. These were tough and I barely got 5 on my last set.

close grip bench press (CGBP, pinkies 1/2″ inside rings) I took one rep with 235. It felt horrible so I stopped, which I’ve never done before. I should have been good for 3-5×10 here.

conventional stance deadlift: 315×1, 365×1, 405 x 1 (switched from double over to mixed grip), 455×0 (added belt) This is where things got really cruddy. I didn’t feel right on any of my warm-ups and to make matters worse I left my good Inzer belt at home so I was using the shitty loner belts at the gym. (Sidenote: why do those things even exist? Who designed those things and what are they good for? They’re a single ply of leather softer than my normal dress belt and they’re about 1 1/2 inches wide in the front and 4 in the back. It’s like an uncomfortable and stupid looking variant to not wearing a belt at all.)

At any rate, I went to pull 455, broke it off the ground and got about 6″ off the deck when I just said fuck it and set it down. I could tell it wasn’t right and if I had pushed the issue that day I would have hurt myself. The only thing more demoralizing than having to miss a deadlift is missing a deadlift with a weight you should be getting 10 times. I had to just turn my music up a little, avert my eyes a little more to avoid talking to/contacting anyone and just tried to go about the rest of my workout. At least I’m proud I didn’t just give up and leave or cut my planned ancillary work short. One of my goals is to do what my old partner Scoops would make me: do what’s on the paper and if it really doesn’t work or feel right, change it for next time.

2/1 concentric/eccentric cable row: 45 x 2 x 10 L-R These are something I’m playing with. I use a single handle on the cable row and use both hands for the concentric and then lower with one hand, doing all the whole side for one side then switching. This was also confirmation I did the right thing backing off the deadlift because my back gave me some twinges just setting up for this.

I supersetted these with 1-leg hip extensions off the bench for the cable rows. bw x 2 x 10 L-R. These felt pretty good and I got a pretty decent glute pump so I don’t feel like I accomplished nothing for my pulling muscles. Next week I’m going to do 1-2 sets of pullups before I get to these.

I finished with some ab and lower back work.

back extension on the 45° bench. bw x 2 x10 At the top of each movement I do essentially a reverse fly with my arms in a neutral 45° adducted position. I squeeze the top as hard as I can, trying to get my mid and lower traps. (I call these “Titanics” in my log, like the I’m King of The World Pose.) At the same time I squeeze my glutes even harder so as to counter the natural lordosis that comes with the upper back extension.

supersetted these with weighted prestretcher crunches 75 x 2 x10 I used to do these with a rolled up yoga mat but I didn’t have anything like that and I don’t know if I want to buy one just for this movement. A half foam roll would work great but they don’t have one and I don’t want to mutilate my good one. I tried an “Ab Mat” which sucked and I tried a whole foam roll which was better but a little too aggressive. I could take the sleeping mat that I was issued, (which has been unrolled once since I hit the fleet) but I would look like a dork carrying that in and besides it’s big and unwieldy. I’ll have to raid the linen closet and see if I have a big not-so-nice towel I can steal.


Another Better Than Nothing Day

I. Feel. Bad.

It’s that point in my training week where I feel reallllllll beat up. I pretty much want to lay in bed forever and I would give a finger (one of the ones I don’t use on my left hand that isn’t really good for anything anyway) for a neck/trap massage from some kind of female type creature.

Tuesday afternoon

military press: worked up to 195 x 3 x 3

superset with hammer curl up to 40’s x 8

HS machine curls: 70 x 19,18

superset with dips: bw x 25,23

weird isometric hold alternating curls: 20’s x ?, 8

weird isometric hold alternating extensions: 20’s x ?, 8

shoulder machine: 60 x 40

pec deck: 165? x 15

weird pec deck isometric alternating hold set thing: 70? x 13

Tuesday PM

ran 2 miles in 17:08

Wednesday AM

20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical, 2o seconds on 40 off at level 16, 9.0/5.5

Wednesday PM

worked up to 395 x 3 on the straight bar free squat

safety bar parallel box squat: bar + 10’s + 5’s (200?) x 10 x 10

Thursday AM

felt slow and bad so I ran interval style 60 on / 30 off run/walk and got a mile and a half done in 13 flat.

I. Feel. Bad.

The Doldrums of the Deload

I felt awful but still managed to make it into the gym. I didn’t realize consuming $20 worth of Popeye’s Chicken in one sitting and nothing else would sap my strength so. I figured a deload fits here well, so why not.

Monday – AM


Monday – PM

I worked up to 500 for a single and then dropped down to 315 for two sets of 10 with a double overhand grip. I would pull as many on a steady rhythm as I could and then I would stop and reset each one. Then a did a couple token pullups and GHR’s. Literally a couple.

Tuesday – AM

I did the hardest interval that I’ve ever done. One of the hardest, most painful workouts of my entire life.

10 8-ct bodybuilders

20 pushups

5 hang snatch with 95#

10 4-ct elbow touches

10 front squat with 135

8 bodyweight pullups

8 log press

10 trap bar with 135

one dash down the volleyball court and bear crawl back

The reps are random and based on nothing, just how I felt and what I could do. The second round they were different, and slightly less. I must be doing a good volume of intuiting my workrate, because I got almost exactly the same time for the second one with it’s slightly reduced volume. I might try to standardize these reps or I might not. I don’t know. I’m almost certainly going to lower the weight for front squats next time.

I had to literally lay down and try real hard to survive for like 15 minutes after this.

Tuesday – PM

military press: worked up to 165 x 8 and 155 x 8 superset with

hammer curl: 40’s x 3 x 10

supinated pullup: bw x 8, bw x 10

axle curl: empty axle x 15,20

slant board prestretcher situp: bw x 2 x 25 I just barely pinched my ear lobes on these.

back extensions with 10 second isometric at top: bw x 7 reps, 10 reps

Tomorrow I’m probably going to deload my free squat, and do some easy reps then I’m going to do a couple doubles of speed squat against chains and then something special… stay tuned.

The Doldrums of the Deload

Conorditioning and Military Press


three rounds with two minutes rest in between of:

  • high knees, 10 reps
  • lunges, 10 reps
  • bike, 10 reps
  • pistol, 8 reps
  • elbow touch, 10 reps
  • invert row, 10 reps
  • pushup, 20 reps
  • swing, 25# dbells, 15 reps
  • crunch, 20 reps
  • trap bar, 135# x 10 reps
  • flutter kick, 10 reps
  • hang sntach, 95#, 5 reps


military press, open grip: 45×5, 95×5, 135×1, 155×1, 185×1, 190×5,5,5 I also did a bunch of thoracic mobilizations and whatnot like normal.

reverse shrugs

axle curl: axle x 1, axle + 20 x 1, axle + 40 x 10,10 superset with

dips: bw x 20,20

pronated flexed arm hang: bw x 2 x 30 sec

laterals in scap plane: 25’s x 12

Conorditioning and Military Press

Painful Pulling

My pulling felt strong but my hip started to hurt during my work sets.

conventional deadlift: 135x2x1, 225×1, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 455×1, 505x3x1

weighted pullup: bwx1, bw + 20 x 1, bw +35×5,5,5,5,7

GHR, front inclined on medium box: bw x 2 x 15 These were real hard. My goal is to get to 3 moderately easy sets of 15 and then drop the GHR and then start over and when I get back up to 3×15 there I’ll go to the floor.

tons of random pull aparts

plank: bw + 45 x 30 sec, bw + 60 x 30 sec, bw + 60 x 30 sec with feet elevated on platform These actually felt really easy even though I shook a lot.

Painful Pulling

Squat, Bench PR’s

Wednesday AM

20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. I’m not positive what I did here, but I know it was somekind of regular ol’ cardio.

Wednesday PM

free squat: worked up to 385×1,1,3

box squat in Ace suit: 405×1, 455×1, 455+150 pounds chains x 1 I think, despite what my log may read, that that tied a PR, but with no pain.

pistols to parallelish box: bw x 2 x 12 each side

Thursday AM

ran 2+ miles in 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill

Thursday PM

Just did some foam rolling and mobility work.

Friday AM

Five rounds of 5 4-way lunges paired with 20 pushups, 60 seconds of rest. The fastest round I got the lunges and pushups done in like 45 seconds or so. Then I did 15 minutes of pretty hard cardio on the elliptical. I actually had a severe glute pump from the lunges that stuck with me through the elliptical.

Friday PM

raw bench, pinkies on rings: 45×3, 135×3, 185×3, 225×1, 245×1, 275×1, 315×1, 335×1,1,4

bench in ridiculous Overkill brand bench shirt: 425×1, 445×4

pullup: bwx3x11 superset with

3 board raw bench: 275×13 These felt terrible. I don’t know why but they did and when I set up to do my second set I just said to hell with it and skipped it and did my pullups instead.

lots of assorted pull aparts.

Squat, Bench PR’s

Oh, yeah…

I guess I pulled on Monday. I didn’t get any cardio done and worked up to 455 x 1. My diet and training were totally jacked up; I remember faltering when I went to pull a warmup with 225. That is not a good sign. I just need to stay the course, keep to the plan and be confident training will go better next week.

Also, I did arms on Saturday and military press (165 x 3 x 5), shoulders, SSB hise shrugs and arms on Tuesday. These included weighted dips with bw + 10 x 3 x 15 and ez curl 95 x 3 x 10.

I ran on Tuesday (1.5 miles in 12ish minutes) and ran today. I did 10 minutes of intervals, decided my shins/feet/ankles were getting beat up so I stopped. I need to adjust my frequency or something because I think I’m trying to run too often for my current level of fitness. Or something, I don’t know. Hopefully new shoes will really help the situation.

Oh, yeah…