Deadlift Training 03/28/09

The deadlift seems to be moving alright if I consider that the last training week before the last meet I pulled singles with 405 for technique work and now I’m up to pulling singles just as easily with 485. So in that context I’m satisfied, but I know that in the future I need to pull more rep deadlifts.

close grip bench: 250×12? I don’t remember exactly what I did here, but it’s on my chart. I know I did 12 reps.

conventional deadlift: 315×1, 405×1, 455×1 485x5x1 (Used belt) high box, deadlift stance SSB box squat against light bands: 255x5x3 I did these like speed work and really tried to pause on the boxes. These absolutely killed the middle of my back and my hamstrings.

chins: bw+15 x 6,5,4,3

log press, push/jerk style: 205×6 My back was torched from the speed box or I could have probably smashed upwards of 10-12 here. Next time maybe.

less than super secret curl workout (too lazy to make it it’s own secret post like normal)

single arm olympic bar curls: 45×8,6 superset with

concentration curl braced on incline bench: 30×8,6

I did the superset for the left arm, then the right, so I actually did four supersets. These made my arms hurt lots and I did not enjoy it.

Random kickbacks, for the purpose of shennanigans.

Deadlift Training 03/28/09

Good Pressing!

Maybe I’m just a narccissist, because my pressing and upper body development really seem to be moving along, while my squat is moving, but not as fast and we’ve yet to see about my deadlift.

Tuesday I was feeling too under the weather t do much of anything. I think I worked up to two or three singles with 415.

Today, I did ten singles with 305 in the bench and repped out the last one, getting 6 reps.

Then I worked up to a 405 4-board that should have been much easier than it was. Then:

log press: 185×6

1+1/2 rep bench press: 225×7,8 This is a normal rep plus a half rep for one rep. Confused? Good.

pullup: BW+15x2x6

front squat: 225xdump, 225×1, 275×1, 300×5 These were very, very ugly but I got them so I’m counting them.

snatch grip deadlift: 295×12

random face pull from an incline bench

Then I moved on to the Super Secret Curl Workout for Big Guns!

Good Pressing!

A New Feature!

In order to view the new Super Secret Curl Workout for BigĀ Guns! program, guaranteed to give you elephantine upper arms, you need to answer a riddle. If you know me, this will be easy.

Kyle and I waddled into a supplement store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We requested from the purveyor pills to make us jacked and yoked, but not what?

There will be a new riddle for the next SSCWBG! workout, so stay tuned!

A New Feature!