Squat, Bench

I squatted and benched since last updating and that’s about it. I know I did some cardio too but I kind of slacked off last week.

Wednesday: worked up to 365 x 3 x 3 then threw on a loose suit and worked up to 475 x 1 which is still pathetic but whatevs. Then I squatted 95# with the safety bar + 150 pounds of chains for 2 minutes. I need to get my act together and get this up to 3 minutes.

Friday: worked up to 335 x 2 or something in the bench then did a bunch of shennanigans. I was feeling something weird in my abs so I had to quit some conditioning work and when I went back to finish the pullups, I was completely gassed. I worked up a ladder to 6 with bodyweight + 10.

Squat, Bench

Pulling and Some Bodyweight Business

conventional deadlift: worked up to an easy 495 x 1

back extensions: bw x 5, 10, 15 I wasn’t sure how my back would handle these, so I ramped up by fives.

pullups: bw+10 x 10 x 5 superset with:

pushups: bw+10 x 10 x 10

front plank: bw x 2:00

These were basically deadhang pullups, btw since I don’t believe in kipping pullups. There’s no way to climb a wall by kipping.

Pulling and Some Bodyweight Business

Midweek Updates


military press: 185x3x3

weighted chins: bw+40x4x5 I’m pretty pleased with these; chins are getting strong.

incline barbell, 1 1/2 reps: 135x3x12

leg press shoulder press: I think I used an empty sled for a couple sets of 15.

conventional dead: worked up to 485×3

For conditioning I just did 5 rounds of 10 25# db’s swing and 10 hanging pikes. The pikes were much harder than the swings and my abs still hurt. I wish I would have just done the sumo deadlift high pulls and hang snatch like normal.


The Bear circuit, 135x5x5 for time. It actually turns into 25 singles for time, but whatever. It consists of hang clean, front squat, push jerk, back squat and push jerk, in that order, without letting go of the bar. I think I Went just under 22 minutes.


deep box squat: 135×1, 225×1, 315×1

parallel box squat, briefs: 365×1, 405×1, 425×1, 435×3, 445×2,1 I stalled on that third because of bad form. If I would have been able to reset on the box and fight it, I would have got it. Oh well. I’m going to stick with this weight. I need to remind myself that strength is on a holding pattern and stop trying to make weight increases every wave, I’d be just as well working on getting all three work sets in with this weight before I go up. Also, I might have to start doing this on a four week wave with a deload instead of a three week wave.

leg press, to pin 2: 5 plates x 5, 6 plates x 10, 6 plates and quarter x 10, 6 plates per side + one quarter per side + one extra quarter on one side x 10. I refuse to load the leg press in increments less than 25. It’s a leg press for f!@#’s sake.

superset with back extension: bodyweight x 2 x 15 I bumped up the reps and only did two sets. I make sure not to hyperextend at the top and hold for a short pause.

I wanted to do a max set of pullups but I did the at the end and after 8 I just quit. I probably could have gutted out several more, but I just didn’t have it in me. Training is about what you can do when it counts, not in the gym.

For conditioning I did the deck of cards with flutter kicks and pushups again. I might have to buy myself a kettlebell and I’d do swings instead. I got it done in just a touch under 30 minutes.

Midweek Updates

Pullups and Conor’s Drag Coefficient

I’m contemplating a career change that requires a little different physical qualities than I’ve currently been training. So, I’m going to start doing some pullups. I’m going to add weight so that my effective bodyweight stays the same even if I happen to cut some weight.

bw+10 5,5,4,3

I rode my bike to campus today against what must have been a 25 mph headwind. I literally got slowed to a near stop at the top of a couple hills when the wind gusted up.

I foresee Sheryl Crow becoming into me.

Pullups and Conor’s Drag Coefficient