Cerberus Training: Guarding The Gates To F!@#$%^ Jackedness

I trained three times, as in the number of heads of Cerberus, the hound of hell.

AM: Did 20 minutes of cardio where I’d run/sprint a minute and walk a minute.

Early PM: Did the deck of cards with Kristen using flutter kicks, elbow touches, bicycles and crunches. My abs hurted.

Late PM: arms

tons of alternating continuous tension db hammer preacher curls, Ginger flavored

dips: bw x 10, 15, 20

military press: 45×5, 95×5, 135×1, 155×1, 185 x 1, 2,2 My military is soooo weak right now.

top half laterals in scap plane with holds at top: 15’s x 15, 20’s x 10

incline flyes: 20’s x 15

Cerberus Training: Guarding The Gates To F!@#$%^ Jackedness

Bench Day 03-18-09

competition grip bench press: 290x14x1, 290×9 This is a large improvement over my previous best of 275×7 and while fatigued no less. I only did 15 singles instead of 25 because I don’t think I need it, simple as that.

pullups: bw(260)+10x2x5

log press: 180x2x5

front squat: 290×5

I skipped GHR’s and snatch grip deads because I know I’m on an altered schedule and I want to make sure I can pull tomorrow. Training back to back kind of sucks.

incline dumbbell press: 50×30 I did these on some weird non-adjustable incline bench we have. I just wanted to get some blood in my pecs.

x-rows with bands: 40 reps

Bench Day 03-18-09