It IS Your Fault, Fatty

I just saw my tenth or so tv fatloss ad in less than an hour. You know what tubby? It is your fault. You don’t move and you eat way too much. You haven’t tried everything and there’s no magic secret the hotties won’t let you in on.

But it’s okay. You’re human and unless you’re some kind of mutant, you can fix it. Do what Bernarr Macfadden did a hundred years ago: don’t eat and walk 20 miles per day.

That is all. Maybe in the next installment I’ll explain why Type II diabetes is a made-up disease.

It IS Your Fault, Fatty

Fat, Antifat and Paradigm Shifts

I was reading an old entry in Chris Shugart’s blog and I came across this comment from “The Dmachine”:

The western attitude to fat people is disgusting. We seem to think we have to pamper the fatties and hide the truth, while the fat people lie to themselves.

Here in Asia some people think I’m fat seeing as I’m about twice the size of the average Japanese dude, and Asians truly have super low body fat. But the nice thing is here in China if someone thinks Im fat they will straight out say you’re a little fat, they don’t pussy foot around the issue. And then of course I will explain that my chest is infact muscle and not fat…

Pudgy Chinese people come straightforward and admit that they are fat. And I believe this is a good thing. They look at being fat as a choice, and fat people choose to eat alot and be lazy. As long as being fat is a choice then people can always choose to become thin.

In the west we look at being fat as some sort of a disease, or a curse from God, whatever it may be. We feel we have to tipy toe around the issue in order to protect those inflicted with the ailment. But infact what we are doing is dis-empowering those who are over weight!!!

Now, I have no idea if this is an accurate description of Chinese behavior in this regard, but if it is I have to agree. For some reason people have this idea that being fat, or lazy, or even having a mental illness is some sort of abstract moral failing or fate instead of what it truly is, a biological phenomena with naturalistic origins.

I blame this on the Puritanical origins of this country, but I’m no historian or sociologist, so I can only speculate. I do know, however, from observing people that they treat a myriad of problems as intangible bogeymen instead of the surmountable problems they are. After all, if the problem occurs in a biological system, it’s a biological phenomena and it must have a biological origin. (Hopefully I can take credit for this little axiom, namely that biological phenomena have biological origins.)

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Fat, Antifat and Paradigm Shifts