Bench Day 03-05-09

reverse curl: 105x2x5

competition grip bench: 285x24x1, 9

pullup: bwx2x6

front squat: 285×5

log press: 170x2x5

snatch grip deadlift: 285×12

GHR: bwx8,7 I really slowed down the reps on my second set. I tried to do this on all my second sets of accessory work, actually.

random side bends on GHR against light bands

YTWL on incline: 5×10 I don’t know why these are so ridiculously hard. The girls we train with did hella reps of these just fine and make me look pathetic.

I have conflicting feelings about this program. On the one side, I think the volume/intensity really isn’t severe if you think about it in terms of 25 singles with a weight I can do more than 10 times. On the other, I also know I’m adding weight every week, and after that first week my conditioning has improved dramatically; these workouts are no longer killing me.  I think this is the right thing to do, based on what I know about myself, how I’ve trained and hit PR’s in the past and on my current qualification level. Focusing in form, frequency and repition for a few weeks a year can’t be all bad and I’m certainly not getting any weaker.

Bench Day 03-05-09