Disastrous Deadlifting or Melodrama in Attack! Land

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but somewhat disheartening, if I’d let it be. Which I don’t, because I dominate, but I digress.

I did a couple random reps on the bench press, decided I didn’t want to bench alone and did some log press, 8 reps with 170 or so.

Moving on to the deadlift, I didn’t feel very good and it showed, as I worked up to 455 without a belt and 505 for one shitty feeling single with my gut wrapped in cowhide.

This wasn’t the feeling I had a couple weeks ago when I skipped deadlift day wholesale. That day it felt like I couldn’t get into position and my entire back from armpits to hip bones was sore and stiff when I pulled the slack out to start my pull.

This time my lower back just didn’t feel “right”. I’m pretty sure the cause of this is my sleeping in to late. I’m a firm believer in not loading the lower back until you’ve had some time for your intervertebral disk spacing to return to normal after sleeping. I don’t know exactly how long this takes, and it’s probably dependent on several things, but they amount of time I took wasn’t enough. Combine this with the fact that the only good lifting gym on campus closes at 6pm on Saturday and you’ve got a recipe for mediocre pulling on weekends at ISU.

Going back to the week I skipped, I almost think it would be better to just plan on skipping every other week of pulling. If I do that I’m probably going to switch to narrow conventional deadlift stance high box safety box safety bar box squat (DSHBSSBBS). On the other hand, on normal training weeks I get in a lot more volume, but I don’t hit PR’s in bot hthe squat and bench. Come to think of it I also did some foam rolling on my lower back while I was benching, which I never do, so maybe that was a confounding factor. Whatever, I’m definitely pulling next weekend, we;ll just have to wait and see what happens the week after.

DSHBSSBBS: worked up to 260 for 8 sets of three as fast as I could. I tried to take a long pause on the box and keep my weight planted on my heels even on the box, which is hard when your feet are 6 inches apart. I also used a one minute rest period, which is rough.

pullups: bw (260) x 4, bw+12.5 x 6,6

incline dumbbell shrug: 85x2x10

Disastrous Deadlifting or Melodrama in Attack! Land