Squat Day 03/03/09

close grip bench: 225×1, 275×5,10 This was a close grip rep PR I think. Maybe a bench rep PR in general.

random curl BS.

free squat: 225×1, 315×1, 395x25x1 I had a couple bad reps in there, but the were all to depth or very close. Just some problems with getting my weight back.

pullups: bwx9 I tried hard for 10 but just couldn’t get it. I weigh more than last week, so this is still a PR. 9 reps at 268 bruthas!

We had a couple new girls train with us that did 3 and 5 pullups respectively. Hosses! Honestly, that’s ridiculous.

log press: 125×8 strict press on these

snatch grip dead: 330×10 It’s funny that I snatch grip for 10 more than some unnamed people in our gym pull for one.

GHR: back elevated 12″: 12 reps with bodyweight, boosh!

face pull: 10×15

prestretcher abs: 90×10

random ez bar curl: 135×10

I did not feel good after all this. My body will be messed up tomorrow, but I feel strong as a house. On a couple of those squats my weight got too far forward, but my torso feels so strong I just good morning/ pushed the weight back into the groove with no problems.

Big weights come meet day!

Squat Day 03/03/09