Deadlift and Military Monday, April 20

Sunday is my “normal” day to deadlift but by time I got done with errands I didn’t feel like it and in my defense I worked a 16 hour shift the day before and didn’t get off until 2am. No harm, no foul as I made it up on Monday.

block pull: 4 mats 225×1, 275×1, 3 mats 225×1, 275×1, 2 mats 225×1, 275×1, 1 mat 275×5,5,10 (+belt)

military press: 135×5,6 superset with

pullup: bw (a lot) x 5,7

band hip thrust: orange band x 15,18 superset with

reverse hyper: plate per side x 10, 2 plate per side x 20

side plank on lowest box (maybe 5 inches?) 30sec x 2 per side alternate with

isometric hip thrust: 30 seconds

front plank on lowest box: bw x 60sec

I don’t know why my military felt so bad and has been so weak lately. It never used to bother me but in the last few months it’s started to irritate my wrists (even with an open grip) and feel funky in my shoulders.

Deadlift and Military Monday, April 20

Labor Day Weekend Training Updates

Since I’m such a popular, interesting guy I have plenty of free time to update my training log this weekend.

Wednesday AM

I don’t remember exactly what I did but involved using the elliptical for a pretty hard steady state session. It was short, 20-30 minutes but I don’t remember exactly which now.

Wednesday PM

free squat up to 425×1

safety bar box squat: 170 x 3 x 15

bodyweight pistols, 15 per side

Thursday AM

ran an interval on the treadmill, 9.2mph for 75 seconds, 3.3mph for 45 seconds. Did 8 rounds.

Thursday PM

ran 2 miles outdoors in 15:40

Friday PM

bench press, worked up to 340×1

incline dumbbells: 80 x 13,14

bodyweight adjusted pullups: bw + 5 x 10×10 I actually did 11 reps on the last set. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten all ten sets of ten. The idea here is that if I lose weight I add a little back in to make up the difference and keep the load approximately the same. I suppose if I gained weight I would just try to keep the reps the same.

scoops press (seated partial military done from top down to head height): worked up to 135×19, 25

incline hammer curl with ascending iso’s: 25 x 2 x 10 What I do here is do a rep, then halfway down at about the forearms parallel to the deck I pause for one count. Then I do the second rep and pause for 2 counts, and on the third repĀ  pause for three counts, and so on up as high as I could go. I’ll probably increase this buy a few reps/counts and then increase the weight and start over.

band resisted prestretcher crunches: light band x 2 x 10 These were super hard. After the first set I was gassed and the amount of slack I left in the band on the second set was pathetic.

enhanced front plank: bw x 60 seconds I call these “enhanced” because you just reach out farther than a normal plank. So instead of setting my elbows directly underneath my shoulder joints I reach up and try to put my elbows as far away as my fists are in “normal” plank position.

Labor Day Weekend Training Updates