In and Out, Came and Went

incline bench: 205×12, 3, 1 This is a low incline, like 20° and I use a wider grip than a normal wide-grip, something like ring fingers on the rings.

Behind the neck press: 75×1, 75×15,4,3

close grip bench: 205×1, 205×13,4 ,2

V-grip pulldown: 18×12, 4, 3

Kable standing rows: 10×10, 5, 3 I’ve renamed these kable with a “k” for my internet powerlifting buddy from Iceland.

I moved right along tonight, since I didn’t have any big puke-inducing movements or widowmakers to do.

In and Out, Came and Went

2 PR’s, So Why Am I Complaining?

I wound up getting two gym PR’s tonight, but I’m still not happy with this workout. Since I’m trying a DoggCrapp cycle, I want to do it by the book. They’re (Dante and his trainees/”followers”) pretty protective of their system, and I don’t want to be the guy that modifies it, doesn’t get results and gives it a bad name on the internet. This happens all the time with any guru or training program; some bonehead will do it wrong or half-ass it, not get results and then badmouth it all over the web. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want someone in some forum somewhere to point to this blog s an example of what not to do. I want people to look back at this and say “Man, that dude busted ass and blew up.” So, when I can’t get my session together or I underperform, it really eats at me. I mean, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it or let my training fall off, but I’m going to have to consider how I’m going to complete this cycle. I might have to use a different gym, at least a couple times every fortnight so I can use different machines, especially for my widowmakers. The other option is to repeat some exercises, either with modified form or different rep ranges. If any of the DC’ers read this and have input, have at it.

dumbbell curls: 45×12,5,3

cable reverse curl: 4×12

standing ssb calves: 240×12

wide box squat: 275×1, 315×1, 365×5, 415×6

front squat: 275×5, 325×1

selectorized leg press: 14×20 This machine is a real piece of shit, and not really adequate. The last widowmaker I did on the real leg press made me want to shart out my spleen and left me crumpled on the floor. This, not so much. This is why I think maybe I should just stick with the real leg press and switch it up a little bit, or go to the rec and use the hack squat.

The box squat and the front squat were both PR’s so I certainly can’t complain about that, but I don’t feel totally destroyed like I have the other workouts the last two weeks.

2 PR’s, So Why Am I Complaining?