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I took this opportunity to train with my partner, even though I trained yesterday. I might even try to use a M-T-R-Sa split for a while, or even a M-T-R-F. It seems to me I’ve had better luck with the former than the latter. I’ve heard that back in the day the standard DC template was two on, one off, but they found it was too much for most people. I don’t think I’m that strong, so I’m not sure I can make deep enough inroads into my recuperative ability to really need all that time to recover. This will let me hit every part four times in two weeks instead of three. Seems good to me. If I find I can’t beat the logbook, I’ll drop back down to three per week.

ez bar curl: 125×1, 135×10, 1, 2

wrist extension: 55×9,3,3

seated calves: 135×10 These were pretty tough tonight. I’m not sure why, I did them like normal with a long 5-10 count at the bottom. We’ve got an old-school machine that’s pretty uncomfortable, that might contribute.

leg curl: 14×17,4,3

SSB squat: 240×1, 290×1, 340×1, 360×6, 260×15 That set of six was all I could do. I’m pretty sure my spleen shot out across the room on that sixth rep.

I thought my workout yesterday might not have been enough for chest, but I’m actually pretty sore today, so I take that as a good sign.

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