Training March 30, 2015

military press: 45×3, 95×1, 135×1,1, 155×5,5,5 (+1 push jerk) superset with

pullup: bw x 5,5,5

red band lateral raise x 2 x 15. Done with a 45 degree abduction and neutral grip

reverse hyper: 25 x 10, 45 x 10

I found an exercise on the Diesel website that I think will help me get my back defrazzled. It’s the anti-rotation sled drag (ARSD) and I noticed a big side-to-side difference, which leads me to believe I’m on the right track.

ARSD: 2 plates x two trips down and back per side

Plus a ton of other stuff, pretty much everything I could think to do with the sled; face pulls, rows, pull throughs, curls, tricep extensions, etc etc

Training March 30, 2015

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