Training Updates

Well, I’ve started a new life in a new place in balmy Eastern Iowa. I’ve hooked up with a great local powerlifting gym and I’ve been training again (mostly pain free!).


Friday, 2/27/15

worked up to 275×3, 295×3 and 315×3 on the bench and did a bunch of accesory work. I’ve been doing some kind of upper body pull or row on every session, either ring pullups, straight bar pullups, ring rows, invert rows on a bar, ring face pulls or band pull aparts. Sometimes the whole lot.


Sunday, 3/1/15

military press: up to 155 x 5,5,6

log press 10’sx3x12

worked up to 405 x 1,1,1 on the deadlift. My significant other and I moved 7700 pounds of household goods into a truck, drove from North Carolina and unloaded it into my new house and my back hasn’t been quite the same since. Something on that left side down by the SI joint is all touchy now.

Then I did a bunch of accessory work, bw x ? x 12 on elevated GHR,

Tuesday, 3/3/15

Arm work

Wednesday, 3/4/15

safety bar box squat, highest box setting on adj. box: 25’sx2, 45’sx2, 45+25×2, 2 plates x 5,5,6

“”    “” plus one plate on box: 1 plates x 10,10, 15


one random set of hip thrust

GHR on all three risers: bw x 12,12,15

band pull aparts

bar pullups bw x 3 x 6 mixed in there



Training Updates

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