Enigmatic Egg Noodles

I’ve said I’m watching what I eat more closely.  One of my guilty pleasures in ramen noodles. I love ’em. Problem is most of the common brands are made with vegetable oils and have tons of fat not to mention sodium. I found an organic vegan brand without all the junk, but I’m not going to pay $1.69 a pop for a tine 25 grams of carbs serving.

I was the a large Asian market in Raleigh and picked up a couple different kinds of noodles.  One of them resembled almost exactly the ramen I was used to, except it came dried into a small round puck instead of a small rectangular brick.

The nutritional information looked good and the only ingredients were flour, egg and salt- no added vegetable oil. When I got home I realized the nutrition facts were bogus. They don’t add up correctly.  I dont mean a little rounding error, I mean 100+ kcals over what the macros should indicate.

Now I’m torn. They’re delicious, they’re super convenient and I can afford them. Plus they’re plain so I can season them, of not, as I see fit. But, I’m always going to be paranoid that I’m secretly eating a huge wack of insidious omega-6 vegetable oil.

I think I going to keep eating them but I’m going to limit myself to a single “puck” per serving.  Based on the nutritional information for other egg noodles and the fact that I trust the listed ingredients more than the nutrition facts I’d wager there’s probably not more than 3-5 grams of fat in a puck. (I mean, how many eggs can there really be in there? Even if its two eggs per 100g flour thats still right on the edge of my estimate.)

It’s not going to kill me even if I wrong and I don’t have to buy that brand again.

If there’s a moral to the story I guess it’s that if I’m going to be anal about nutrition information I should probably buy products with more English on the package than just the sketchy looking nutrition fact panel.

Enigmatic Egg Noodles

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