Saturday Night Cardio

I wasn’t going to go to the gym today on account of waking up late but my gal wanted to go have an xbox dance party so I figured I would drop her off at her friend’s place and use this opportunity to do something productive.

My foot has still been bothering me and I was cutting it close on the gym closing so I acquiesced and used the elliptical. I wound up doing an interval type workout, alternating between level 14 and 16 at various tempos. I don’t trust the calorie counter as an absolute measure, but I use it as a proxy for power output. My goal was 600 kcal in 40 minutes and I made it. My heartrate was a lot higher than I typically go for (~170 most of the time, peaking at 190 on the hardest interval) but I felt good and my stamina held out so I’ll take it.

Before I hopped on I did a single set of pullups, 14 reps at a bodyweight around 240. Not bad for a 80-90% effort. I probably could have gutted out 2-3 more reps.

Afterwards I had just enough time to do the bare minimum stretching/recovery work. I did the half-kneeling paddle for my hip flexors, standing quad stretch (really trying to extend and adduct the hip so I get a little TFL in there too) and stretch/relax butterfly stretch for the adductors. Every time I do that stretch, somewhere deep in my hip makes an audible crack and palpably releases on the first stretch phase. It’s kind of distressing and satisfying at the same time.

My diet has been on point today, I’m proud to say. I’m taking today and tomorrow especially strict and getting into a “normal” routine on Monday.

Saturday Night Cardio

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