Looking Back and Forward: 2014 Goals

As I’ve eluded to, a lot has changed in my life since I was posting regularly. I’ve managed to maintain my performance in some areas, worsened some and even increased a few. I’ve put about 100 pounds on my deadlift since I left bootcamp (nearly equaling what it took from me).

Looking back on those years and thinking of the one to come, I thought I would share some of my training related goals.

  • Reduce my waistline considerably. I don’t want to give a weight number because I think it sets up the wrong mindset. I think getting down around a 35 inch waist would be reasonable and I’d like to be able to see my top two abs.
  • Squat: Just being able to back squat anything without hip pain would be an improvement right now but for the sake of quantification I’d like two be able to squat 315 at least a couple times without the discomfort I now suffer.
  • Bench: 365×5
  • CGBP: 295×10
  •  Deadlift: 545 x 3
  • Rep Deadlift: 495×8
  • Hang Clean: 250 x 3
  • Pullup: bw x 20
  • pushup ladder: I found this link years ago and I thought the “Texas Pushup Challenge” was pretty easy. I think I finished it in under 1:20. I want to attempt to do the same thing but adding pullups ie one pushup one pullup, two pushups two pullups up to ten of each. My goal is to complete it in 4 minutes with no/minimal rest between exercises.
  • 1 mile: sub 7:00
  • 2 mile: 14:00
  • 3 mile: 21:45
  • 4 mile: 30:00
  • 2000m test on Concept 2 rower: I’m not experienced enough to know if it’s realistic, but my goal here is 6:55. That’s a lot faster than I can do now, but a lot slower than the American record for my weightclass. However, it’s right between the record for the 65-69 year olds and 70 year olds. I figure I should be able to keep up with a 70 year old even if he is the record holder (damn my hubris!) Check out the Concept 2 indoor records here.
Looking Back and Forward: 2014 Goals

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