My Move-Fast Day

Session from 12-31-2013

I hate calling it “dynamic effort” work or “speed work”. I’m just going to call it my move fast day.

power clean from hang: 175 x 8 x 3 (weight x sets x reps) 2:00 rest

I hate my clean. These sets were really easy because I wanted to make sure I was starting out very conservatively. Especially with this many sets I wanted to make sure that in a few weeks as I increase weight that I’ll be able to get all my reps.

box squat: 155 x 6 x 5 1:00 rest, medium height box plus a 45 plate – done as explosively as possible.

I supersetted these with a set of two deadhang pullups with a long pause on bottom of each rep (~6 seconds) My hip is still touch and go on squatting. It’s the bottom position that aggravates it and I had to raise the box height for my last two sets. I know someboyd is going to pull up some old West Side template or reference Prilepin and tell me that I’m doing too many reps. Well, my speed is still good and my help is sort of the limiting factor so I’ll take the volume wherever I can get it. Even with this weight at this tempo I was pouring sweat.

oly bar curl: 65 x 3 x 10 with long pause at bottom, done as explosively as possible.

Finished with a 2000m test on the Concept 2. It was horrific. I finished in 8:08.2 I really think I could have smashed that but my hip flexors were smoked. Getting such a pump in my unilateral hip flexors was a novel experience and I’m thinking now that weakness in my psoas might be what’s bothering my hip. Great conditioning and maybe even rehabbing my hip at the same time! Awesome.

Normally I wouldn’t have done a thorough cooldone but I felt wobbly enough on my feet that I walked for about 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Today my abs, all the way from somewhere deep down by my pubis, all the way up to my pubis are smoked. That’s another new sensation.

My Move-Fast Day

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