Terrible Tuesdays

I fucking hate Tuesdays.


ran one half mile in 3 flat and wussed out on the second one.


military press: worked up to 170×5,5,6

superset with some random hammer curl like I always do, just to get a little bicep pump and protect my smellbows.

hammer strength preacher curl machine:80 x 5 x 10 superset with

dips: bw + 30 x 5 x 10 This was still improvement because my weight was up a little bit.

random extended set preacher thing with 10’s x 20 reps

pushups: bw x 40 These were real easy even after all those dips.

early PM

hapkido practice – This isn’t terribly challenging physically but I’m really shitty at it and I fall badly. A lot.

Late PM

ran 3 miles outdoors in 24:39. I just used mapmyrun and apparently it’s about 50 feet shy of 3 miles, but fuck it. I don’t really care. I felt awful and ran till my inner thighs chaffed up all bloody so I’m just going to take the fact that I got it in at all as a minor victory.

Terrible Tuesdays

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