Bloat-Assisted Pulling

It has to be the weekend weight gain, but who knows. My pulling felt a lot stronger this week.

conventional deadlift: worked up to 455 x 3 x 5 My warmups actually felt good and my back was okay but these just took a lot out of my and I dawdled for a long time in between sets. I’ve been so lazy lately about volume and I was so out of shape today that just getting all three work sets in was a big accomplishment.

weighted pullup: worked up to bw + 60 x 2 x 5 These were real weak. My hand/grip strength is deplorable right now.

axle curl: axle + 10’s + 5’s x 2 x 6

GHR, front incline on lowest box: bw x 6

Stuff I skipped: any useful amount of accessory work on the stuff I did do, pull aparts, high rep prestretcher crunches and front plank.

Bloat-Assisted Pulling

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