More Cardio and Shoulders


treadmill interval – ran 9.2mph for 60 seconds, 3.3mph for 60 seconds for 8 rounds

Tuesday – PM

military press, work up to 185 x 1 and it sucked

HS preacher machine: 45xsome, 70 x some, 70 x 2 x 20 superset with:

dips, bw +belt and 2.5 x some, 25,25 This is the first time I actually got both sets of 25 reps. Must be the beta-alanine.

shoulder machine: 85?x15

pec deck: 185 x 12

Wednesday – AM

elliptical worked up to level 16 and speed 6.5-7.0mph for 15 minutes. Heart rate monitor didn’t really pick up.

More Cardio and Shoulders

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