I. Feel. Bad.

It’s that point in my training week where I feel reallllllll beat up. I pretty much want to lay in bed forever and I would give a finger (one of the ones I don’t use on my left hand that isn’t really good for anything anyway) for a neck/trap massage from some kind of female type creature.

Tuesday afternoon

military press: worked up to 195 x 3 x 3

superset with hammer curl up to 40’s x 8

HS machine curls: 70 x 19,18

superset with dips: bw x 25,23

weird isometric hold alternating curls: 20’s x ?, 8

weird isometric hold alternating extensions: 20’s x ?, 8

shoulder machine: 60 x 40

pec deck: 165? x 15

weird pec deck isometric alternating hold set thing: 70? x 13

Tuesday PM

ran 2 miles in 17:08

Wednesday AM

20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical, 2o seconds on 40 off at level 16, 9.0/5.5

Wednesday PM

worked up to 395 x 3 on the straight bar free squat

safety bar parallel box squat: bar + 10’s + 5’s (200?) x 10 x 10

Thursday AM

felt slow and bad so I ran interval style 60 on / 30 off run/walk and got a mile and a half done in 13 flat.

I. Feel. Bad.

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