Squat, Bench

I squatted and benched since last updating and that’s about it. I know I did some cardio too but I kind of slacked off last week.

Wednesday: worked up to 365 x 3 x 3 then threw on a loose suit and worked up to 475 x 1 which is still pathetic but whatevs. Then I squatted 95# with the safety bar + 150 pounds of chains for 2 minutes. I need to get my act together and get this up to 3 minutes.

Friday: worked up to 335 x 2 or something in the bench then did a bunch of shennanigans. I was feeling something weird in my abs so I had to quit some conditioning work and when I went back to finish the pullups, I was completely gassed. I worked up a ladder to 6 with bodyweight + 10.

Squat, Bench

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