Training Is As Training Does

Last week I squatted 345 for 5 and worked up to 495 for a single in a loosish suit (Wed). Then I walked for an hour or something on the treadmill the next day (Thurs). And then on Friday I did 32 minutes of HIIT and benched that night. I worked up to 335 x 3 and wound up hitting 455 x 2 off a three board in a stupid loose shirt. I laddered up to 9 reps for two ladders with the thick, slick pullup bar.

Saturday and Sunday off.

Yesterday I did 32 minutes of severe HIIT on the elliptical and 40 minutes of treadmill walking in the afternoon. For lifting I worked up to 495 x 3 in the dead, my quad hurt so I didn’t do any GHR’s and I worked up to bw+60 x 3 x 5 in the pullup and then did some extra pullup business.

I may post videos at some point, but I can’t figure out what format wordpress will like.

Tonight I did military press, worked up to 200 for a double. It was hard and I hated it.

I worked up to a plate and a quarter per side x 2 x 8 on the leg press shoulder press. I did axle + 5’s x 2 x 20 on the axle curl, 20’s x 15 and 25’s x 12 on the lateral raise, some random one arm preacher curl and weighted dips. I did bw + 25 x 10, bw + 35 x 10 and bw + 50 x 8. Finished up with 40,50,60×12 cable pec shit and 40 x 15 high cable pec shit.

Training Is As Training Does

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