The Doldrums of the Deload

I felt awful but still managed to make it into the gym. I didn’t realize consuming $20 worth of Popeye’s Chicken in one sitting and nothing else would sap my strength so. I figured a deload fits here well, so why not.

Monday – AM


Monday – PM

I worked up to 500 for a single and then dropped down to 315 for two sets of 10 with a double overhand grip. I would pull as many on a steady rhythm as I could and then I would stop and reset each one. Then a did a couple token pullups and GHR’s. Literally a couple.

Tuesday – AM

I did the hardest interval that I’ve ever done. One of the hardest, most painful workouts of my entire life.

10 8-ct bodybuilders

20 pushups

5 hang snatch with 95#

10 4-ct elbow touches

10 front squat with 135

8 bodyweight pullups

8 log press

10 trap bar with 135

one dash down the volleyball court and bear crawl back

The reps are random and based on nothing, just how I felt and what I could do. The second round they were different, and slightly less. I must be doing a good volume of intuiting my workrate, because I got almost exactly the same time for the second one with it’s slightly reduced volume. I might try to standardize these reps or I might not. I don’t know. I’m almost certainly going to lower the weight for front squats next time.

I had to literally lay down and try real hard to survive for like 15 minutes after this.

Tuesday – PM

military press: worked up to 165 x 8 and 155 x 8 superset with

hammer curl: 40’s x 3 x 10

supinated pullup: bw x 8, bw x 10

axle curl: empty axle x 15,20

slant board prestretcher situp: bw x 2 x 25 I just barely pinched my ear lobes on these.

back extensions with 10 second isometric at top: bw x 7 reps, 10 reps

Tomorrow I’m probably going to deload my free squat, and do some easy reps then I’m going to do a couple doubles of speed squat against chains and then something special… stay tuned.

The Doldrums of the Deload

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