Dalliance with Deadlifting

conventional deadlift: 95×1 (I don’t know why), 135×1, 225×1, 315×1, 405×1 (started mixed grip), 455×1 (started belt), 495×3,3,5 I don’t think this is a rep PR, but it’s still pretty good. I don’t normally go for rep PR’s on my last set of deadlifts, but I felt pretty strong today and my form felt safe.

GHR, front on medium box: bw x 3 x 15 superset with

weighted pullup, bw + 45 x 5 x 5 I didn’t go for a rep PR on the last set of this one because I was so gassed and my hands hurt. I’ll probably stay here and try to set a rep PR next week unless I feel real strong, then I’ll go up. My lats were/are smoked.

I was going to do some abs but my abs were fried so I just left and I didn’t remember to do any pull aparts.

Dalliance with Deadlifting

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